Getting pass the then and embracing the now

By Prosethewriter | prosethewriter | 26 Sep 2020

Hello and welcome back dear readers.

My name is Prose and I hope that all of you have acclimated to our reality as it now exists. The other day I had a dentist appointment and of course had to wear my mask. Let me preface this by saying, I am terrified of the dentist, so any long wait in the waiting area engages a state of high anxiety bordering on terror-filled madness. Those of you who have never suffered any anxiety or panic attacks will most likely presume me to be a nutjob, but those who have, can attest to the exact torture that this brings on you.

So I'm sitting there about to lose it when suddenly I start thinking about our new reality. In the world I had always known, a black guy walking into a dental office would've signaled a crime about to commence, yet now it means I am being safe and caring for others who I've never met, but don't want any harm to come to. The office assistant points her temperature gun at my forehead and I submit to what would otherwise be viewed as a very hostile act. I began to laugh and shared this with her. Suddenly, she too erupted into laughter. We're now living in a world where we wear masks and point guns at each other... this is the very best of civility amongst humans that don't know each other.

As crazy as this is, maybe it is an invitation to tap into our spirits and learn to walk in our higher states of consciousness. Think about it... since the pandemic, priorities have shifted. The need to be near family and place them above all of those chores and responsibilities we once held as priorities changed. We got back to a love of being with each other. Yet just as we were embracing the closeness, humanity reared its dark head and provided us with a montage of unwarranted deaths based on fear of connecting to humanity in others. 

Love is sourced beneath the skin; white, brown, tanned... it's just the outside of the temple. The spirit housed within and the energy that it exudes are what we really long to connect to in each other.

I know that we as human beings tend to believe in ideologies and concepts that are so greatly above our heads that we never get to put those things into practical use. For myself, I choose to follow a path of divinity that requires me to actually learn how to execute these principles: In particular, how to love. Be you believers of whatever higher power... in all belief systems exists a reference of fashioning ourselves after the a savior … the Godhead/Christ. While this dialogue may usually be exclusively espoused from a pulpit, the setting shouldn't prevent its acceptance. But the more important challenge I issue is that we all begin to put it into good use. Sadly, the role of the savior/Jesus as he’s presented, doesn’t really translate conveniently into our daily living; it isn’t meant to be convenient… love is about sacrifice.  Jesus was always to be found among the lowly of heart, where there was disenfranchisement, broken-heartedness and loneliness. This is where we should learn to direct our spirit energy as well and present brotherly love.

Society has shaped us to become desensitized to the point that we just neglect, walk by and step over those in need. We all want to believe that we are such great people, but when we do such a heinous thing, how can we really be anything more than selfish and contemptible in nature. I have always detested this manner of humanity, even as a youth.

Somewhere inside of me as a little child, I decided that when I grew up, I really wanted to incorporate the walk of Christ, I wanted to teach the world to love itself.  I guess that might sound crazy, but shouldn’t life be about something more than simply trying to make money or living in affluence based on what we own. That said, I’m not a preacher, but more of a philosopher with a message that we all need and now I have the courage, the knowledge and the medium to convey that message efficiently.

From a personal perspective, as I began to grow into a man, I was exposed to the harsh realities of life. I witnessed firsthand how existence seemed to breed contempt for itself… people just didn’t want to love each other any longer. My desire to carry out my plan became deeper ingrained in me and I desired to teach the world to love itself more and more, but first I had to learn how to love me. 

You see, I hadn’t come from a setting or even a union of love.

My biological had no love or regard for me and this manifest itself in all of the relationships that I became a part of. So as my personal maturation evolved, I began to understand what love was, how to make use of it properly and why it was vital to making my life better. I held on to this ideology, and then began to practice it.

When I saw that it worked for me, I conceived the notion to write a book, sharing my revelations on love. It just stood to reason that if I was going through this dilemma, perhaps some of you might be as well. Is it not my responsibility to use my experiences to make the lives of those I encounter much better? I mean just look around at our youth. Love needs to be taught to them and quite quickly.

In the book I discuss my quest to find love and my eventual maturation into a man able to love myself and because of that growth, my ability to love everyone around me. The happiness that I gained from that, the completion that I gained from that… it was best to give it to the rest of the world. This post along with that book represents the practice of my endeavor to teach the world to love itself.

Moving forward from that, this weekly post will chronicle discussions on behavior between human beings in interpersonal relations to each other… I will reveal the Proscipals of Love, my personal principles on learning how to love and how to keep that love in a great place.  Along with that I will address your questions, which you can post below the blog window in the comment area. I will be sure to answer them each week in a Q&A session.

Let’s understand, NO TOPIC is out of bounds with me. I don’t care what you ask of me... I will answer it.

I don’t believe in tip-toeing around critical issues to our happiness. I don’t subscribe to hiding anything either, because we are all human… we’ve all made our mistakes and have our frailties.  Hopefully by putting my mistakes out there and showing you how I overcame those deficits, you may find guidance to dealing with your own situation. 

So thanks for coming back, I welcome you all to the blog and I look forward to this walk with you.


From him, through my pen, into your hearts… I Write in Black Ink!

See you next week…


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