SaTT offers a Blockchain solution allowing anyone to earn money through social networks
SaTT offers a Blockchain solution allowing anyone to earn money through social networks

SaTT offers a Blockchain solution allowing anyone to earn money through social networks

By QuentinH | Project Update/ News | 30 Jun 2020

With Covid-19 and the coming financial crisis, more and more people seek avenues to generate additional income, especially online.


As a result, we currently observe an increase in website and social network traffic. However, have you ever thought of getting paid to spend time on social networks? Does that sound crazy? Not so much for Atayen Inc !


This is what the company does with the recent launch of its SaTT solution, allowing anyone to get paid for their publications on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Youtube




As the day goes by, it’s becoming more certain that a deep global recession is underway. Since 2019, analysts have based their forecast on several economic factors or indicators that could force a recession in 2020, a virus was the least imagined factor. 




The resultant effect of COVID-19 has taken a negative toll across all areas of human lives. It has dis-stabilized what we know to be a normal work life, this has resulted in a massive job loss. Unemployment rate now sits at 14.7%, accounting to a total of 20.6 million jobs lost as at April this year alone. 

Situations like this creates an avenue to explore other viable means of livelihood. If you are caught in the web of the negative toll of the pandemic, then it's time to start looking elsewhere. 

It is within this framework that the company Atayen has recently launched a Blockchain solution called SaTT allowing anyone to monetize their publications on social networks, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. 


Become An Influencer On Your Social Networks has never been easier


You probably would have noticed that a lot of your friends spend more time online socializing on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks than they use to do before the pandemic. It’s not totally unprecedented as social media has become the most viable way to stay in touch with families and friends while maintaining physical social distancing. 

Social media across boards have witnessed an intense surge in traffic due to an increase in user activities. This creates a circle of influence that could be converted into a viable revenue stream. On countless occasions, you might have recommended products or services to your followers or friends on social media. 

You probably did that out of brand loyalty, or you felt the products or services would be beneficial to your friends. You might have also received positive feedback and engagements from your followers and friends. It doesn’t need to be spelled out for us to realize that a circle of influence has already been created. Mark Zuckerberg would say:

 “Nothing influences a person more than a recommendation from a trusted friend” 

Atayen Inc add that if it should influence your friends, it should also be able to earn some decent revenue for you. 

With SaTT, everyone on social media can become an influencer within their circle, recommend a product they consider to be fit for their friends or followers and get paid for making such recommendations. People are likely to trust recommendations from their close buddies, instead of doing this for free, connect with the SaTT solution, and get paid for it. 




Brands are becoming interested in recommendations from social media, what SaTT does is connect these brands with social media influencers and micro-influencers who in turn will be paid for their social media publications or recommendations. 

SaTT enables any social media user to become an influencer for business brands and be able to monetize his publications on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By making a recommendation or a publication via these platforms, it will be monetized and rewarded based on the level of engagement it generates (number of views, shares, likes, comments of the publication). The higher the engagement, the higher the earning potentials. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology used including smart-contracts & Oracles, payment is almost direct, automatic and transparent. 

For Youtube users who have already enabled the inhouse YouTube monetization features, this could be an augmented revenue for them, expanding their earning potentials. Rather than socialize alone, a lot could be done to alleviate this current economic situation by leveraging on the power of social media. 



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Project Update/ News
Project Update/ News

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