Official Announcement: The Hydro Snowflake dApp Store goes to Mainnet
Official Announcement: The Hydro Snowflake dApp Store goes to Mainnet

By Hydro Labs | Project Hydro Blogs | 14 Jan 2020

Project Hydro is excited to announce that the Hydro Snowflake dApp Store, utilizing the Hydro Snowflake identity protocol, has officially been pushed to Ethereum mainnet.

For the past few months we have been preparing for this milestone by gathering feedback, making optimizations and testing the platform on Rinkeby (Ethereum testnet).

For anyone not familiar with the project, the dApp store is 100% open source and built by the community. Version one started off with a proof of concept, having all the basic features you would need to interact with a basic dApp. Version 2, which you see today, was completely rebuilt and re-architected for scale, look, feel and usability.

The Project Hydro team got the ball rolling by working on an innovative design with strategic feature sets based off of what you might see in an app marketplace.

The store allows any developer to build a dApp and gives them the ability to monetize that dApp by charging in Hydro. On the flip side, it allows consumers to purchase the dApp of their choosing which gets tied to their Snowflake identity. Note that not all dApps have a cost as developers can choose to make their project free.

What’s under the hood? A lot of refined and optimized code. We chose to use ReactJS as the main codebase as it has many of the libraries and tools we needed; plus, it is built on Javascript which has a massive developer base today. This allows dApp developers to potentially already have a huge jumpstart in getting their idea in the store. You can learn more about the anatomy of the store here.

We utilize other coding languages like HTML, CSS, Web3, MetaMask and of course the Ethereum Blockchain.

Over the past few months we have been working strategically to build powerful developer tools, and building relationships with other like minded projects, so dApp devs can easily integrate their technology.

We want to make the learning curve as small as possible so a dev can jump right in. The platform is there, so get building! Please note that it is recommended to utilize the testnet to develop an app and once tested, it is up to the developer to push it to mainnet.

What you see today is an evolution, something that started from an idea, that utilizes a powerful Hydro protocol and a token which provides utility to make it all possible.

We have a large backlog of enhancements to build muscle, so if you would like to be a part of the open source development please reach out to us on Telegram.

Thank you for your support as this was truly a team effort, from the Project Hydro team, to the community developers, testers and supportive community.

Let’s create some innovative dApps!

Timothy Allard
CTO Hydro Labs


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