Hydro Labs Team Structure Update – July 2019
Hydro Labs Team Structure Update – July 2019

By Hydro Labs | Project Hydro Blogs | 27 Jul 2019


Hello everybody! It has been a busy couple of months and with all of the development work the team has still found the time to hold its elections, which has resulted in a bit of a reshuffle of roles and some new faces in leadership positions. We still have a few positions to fill, and roles to create, but the general structure is in place.

So without further ado, here is the new team structure at Hydro Labs.

General Operations Manager – Marcco Paez

Marcco has been heavily involved in driving and funding our current product roadmap to get us to where we are today. He spent the past three months working on Hydro full time, researching, conceptualizing, working closely with the team on a daily basis to build the new generation of Hydro products and start releasing them to market. 

Going forward, Marcco will continue to work on Hydro full time to ensure progress and on the roadmap, and will continue building awareness for Hydro and its technologies. 

Marcco’s general responsibilities include the following:

  • Manage High level operations
  • Liaise with managers
  • Hold the team accountable
  • Design and maintain incentive models
  • Design and implement growth strategies

Technology Manager – Harsh Rajat

Harsh is our new Technology Manager and brings 10+ years of experience in architecting real world apps, technical consulting, and tech solutions & development to the table.

Over the past six months Harsh has been working hard on the new Hydro technology , including HydroPay, plasma implementation, Hydro X and Ice protocols. He has contributed to the technical details and architecture of the tech and has a deep understanding of their requirements, both individually and how the protocols and dApps work together in the Hydro blockchain ecosystem. 

Harsh aims to work more on extending the Hydro ecosystem in a systematic way by focusing on innovation, thoughtful architecture, iteration, and ease-of-use.. 

Harsh’s general responsibilities include the following:

  • Keep the tech teams on track
  • Maintain the roadmap and ensure execution of technology
  • Hold weekly meetings with team leaders
  • Be the tech face for when we have discussions with industry leaders, interviews, and business deals/opportunities
  • Communicate with the community through tech updates and a technical roadmap

Corporate Manager – Jason Garland

Jason was previously the Hydro Labs secretary and will leverage his skills and knowledge in his new role as corporate/legal manager. 

Jason has experience in corporate structuring and a warm relationship with our legal team in the Caymans. He will work with all relevant parties on policies, as well as all the necessary documentation to ensure that things go smoothly and that we are in line with all appropriate regulations.

Jason’s general responsibilities include the following:

  • Manage and Maintain Hydro Labs Documents
  • Manage Hydro Labs policies
  • Interface with Legal 
  • Manage contracts and records as needed across departments
  • Work with Managers on High Level Operations

Finance Manager – Robert Kodra

Robert has been the Hydro president since we held elections in December and knows all the ins and outs of the Hydro Labs finances, which makes him the ideal person for the Hydro Labs Finance Manager. 

Robert’s aim as Finance Manager is making sure that we make positive financial decisions as well as have good budgeting and planning within our organization.

He has a strong analytical approach and technical skills, as well as a good working knowledge of accounting software. Robert prides himself in his diligence when it comes to the details and when it comes to maintaining accurate accounts.

Robert’s general responsibilities include the following:

  • Manage Hydro Labs Accounts
  • Manage payments to vendors and service providers
  • Manage Hydro disbursements to Hydro Labs contractors Manage Hydro wallets and multi-sig solutions
  • Manage Reporting Needs 

Team Leaders

As well as these positions we also voted for general team leader positions who are responsible for the following:

  • Maintaining and executing a team-specific roadmap (in collaboration with overall project roadmap and Managers)
  • Holding team members accountable for their work and ensuring progress is tracked methodically
  • Managing team budget where applicable
  • Reporting any problems, concerns, or ideas to Managers
  • Holding weekly meetings with other team leaders
  • Holding regular meetings with team members
  • Ensuring that processes are followed, including corporate policies, expense reporting, budget requests or changes, etc (alongside managers)

Solutions Team Lead: Ayodeji Israel Awosika

Over the past six months Ayodeji has worked closely with the team to build a solutions team structure which has led to him becoming the Solutions team lead.

Available to any size of company or project, from start-ups to enterprises, the aim of the solutions team is to open up and assist in the integration of Hydro technology. This will not only streamline the process of building Hydro implementations, but will also help the growth and security of both the partnered company and the Hydro ecosystem.

Bizdev Team Lead: Mark Anstead

Mark continues in his role as business development lead which, over the past ~six months, he has excelled at, productively leading the bizdev team.

Mark’s track record speaks for itself, having established some fantastic partnerships and collaborations for the project. He also manages the Hydro Community Sales Program and can often be found speaking at conferences spreading the Hydro message. 

Community Management Team Lead: Joel Kite

Community and content is not only a tool for every department, but is also the face of the entire project. As Community Management Lead, Joel aims to provide the guiding hand that ensures every message that goes out reflects the team, and project, in the best possible light. 

Other Roles

Going forward we need to add various marketing, technology, and design lead roles. We are currently working on specific job descriptions before a second round of elections. In the interim these will fall under the above management structure.

We are also in the process of publishing a full team structure update to the website.

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