dApps Basics In 3 Quick Steps!!

By Hydro Labs | Project Hydro Blogs | 19 May 2019

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Written by Richa Joshi, DA Marketer for Project Hydro, on March 6th 2019. Link to original post.


For the uninitiated like me, dApps are yet to make its way in our everyday life.  There is a lot of confusion and technical concerns which all of us have when we hear the term dApp. Keeping this in mind I ventured out to try a few dApps, only to realize that the scariness of it stems from our fear of unknown.

I have pinned down my learnings from a basic users perspective by outlining what the actual facts are. P.S it’s not rocket science…Shout out to StateOfTheDapps !!

Coming back, dApp is an abbreviation for decentralized application. It is an application that runs in a distributed ecosystem by multiple users rather than a single authority controlling the application.

Take for example the classic P2P filesharing software BitTorrent. With no central server controlling its filesharing and allowing multiple users to share via BitTorrent protocol, in a way it behaves very much like a dApp.

But don’t get me wrong I am not promoting illegal file sharing rather pointing out a popular example. Extending the same example would be having dApps in the future that replace platforms like Facebook, Youtube etc. to apps which are run by the people, for the people and are not under whims and fancies of centralized authority, Facebook I am talking about the 50 million user profiles harvested !!

Let’s dive in dApps basics, few cool facts and introduce Hydro Protocols to understand the growing ecosystem of dApps.


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Useful Links

Website: https://projecthydro.org/


Raindrop Whitepaper https://github.com/HydroBlockchain/hydro-docs/tree/master/Raindrop

Implementation Guide: https://medium.com/hydrogen-api/blockchain-2fa-with-hydro-raindrop-an-implementation-guide-7f1ae9b6e42

Raindrop Documentation: https://www.hydrogenplatform.com/docs/hydro/v1/

Snowflake Whitepaper: https://github.com/HydroBlockchain/hydro-docs/tree/master/Snowflake

Snowflake Documentation: https://hydro.gitbook.io/docs/snowflake/untitled

Ice Whitepaper (draft): https://github.com/hydrogen-dev/hydro-docs/blob/master/Ice/Ice_DRAFT.md

The Tide, Mist, and Hail whitepapers are still yet to be drafted, but information about them can be found on the Hydrogen Documentation link (excluding Hail- hasn’t gotten updated with that yet) or on this Medium post: https://medium.com/hydrogen-api/project-hydro-features-in-depth-look-39faa29f0d61

Brief explanation of Hail: https://github.com/HydroBlockchain/Community-Brainstorming/issues/7

Social Media:

Telegram: https://t.me/projecthydro

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HydroBlockchain/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HydroBlockchain/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/HydroBlockchain/

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