By Kralxadam | Power of love | 10 May 2020

Without love, man cannot go beyond nothing, nothingness is nothingness. This kind of people are people waiting to be excavated, which doesn't mean anything. If there are such people in your environment, let's try to win and win with the power of love.

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I am a mechatronics engineer and an industrial automation teacher who is hungry for the development that loves traveling.

Power of love
Power of love

Love is something that started with us. We started with loving the creator of us. There is a saying that I love very much. Mawlana's: He says that there is no love for Allah who does not burn with his love of servant. The person finds his love for the creator with his beloved better and gets closer to him. As long as we tend to love, we will witness that everything will be leveled.

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