The warzone of Binance

The warzone of Binance

By Pot Project | Pot News | 21 Jun 2020

Binance is at war with various 'desperate' Chinese competitors who are attempting to hit Binance with unprofessional methods, CZ's letter says.

Apparently Binance has one or more Chinese competitors who "desperately" try to attack him and his platform and the news would not come from a small voice within Binance, but from its founder in person Changpen Zhao (CZ), which he would have sent (the conditional is a must) an internal letter to his employees to summarize what is happening.

An internal letterTheBlock came into possession through his contacts and which is reported in full in an article.

"Our Chinese competitors are desperately trying to attack us," reads the text of the letter that CZ allegedly sent to employees and which The Block publishes a few days ago.

CZ also listed these attacks which he considers "unprofessional methods".
DDoS attacks ("but we manage them well", adds CZ), organized fake protests, fake news, organized people in order to report them to local police stations.
But CZ said that Binance has everything under control and has "strong relations with the Chinese government". As if to say that no false report or legal action against them will be able to hinder them because they have the right channels of communication with the Chinese authorities to provide all the necessary information to quickly evaporate any false accusation.

CZ: We don't attack anyone

However, we are not attacking anyone still writes CZ in the short letter addressed to his employees.

In fact, at some point in the letter it also reads that if they continue on this line, these Chinese competitors will put themselves in a "worse situation".

 A wild competition

CZ reveals that in the cryptocurrency exchange sector the competition is evil and wild, a bit like the price volatility of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin we add.

Intense and unfair competition, but nothing to worry about reassures CZ by writing to its employees, because "we will solve all the problems that arise".
Finally, Zhao asks his employees to maintain the absolute confidentiality of everything related to their work.
And concluding the letter he writes in a challenging tone: "We continue to work and take their market share".

The 7000 BTC lost by Binance in 2019

In February 2019 Binance suffered a significant attack on its platform from which 7 thousand bitcoins were stolen. One of the darkest days of his life called it Binance, but that through various insurance mechanisms has paid off its customers...unlike Poloniex which for the loss suffered in June 2019 has never fully returned what was lost by its customers.

Well, new reflections could be made today taking into account what CZ has written.
That the 7000 BTC stolen was "commissioned" by Chinese competitors to oust Binance from its dominant position?

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