Shoulder bag explanation

By Klo | Portea ranitas | 5 Jun 2020

In this video I want to show you how the fabric of your bandolier is assembled and organized. I wish you be very useful and share if it has been of help to you !!!

In this video we can see how the shoulder strap is mounted. This shoulder bag has colors that I love. From Portitas Ranitas we want to show all the tricks and tips that are there for the good ergonomic carrying of our babies. We are a project that was born in the south of Spain, seeing that there was a lack of quality information regarding the issue of carrying.
The use of baby cars is a relatively new fashion, since ancient times babies have been charged to protect them from the hostile environment in which they lived.


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Portea ranitas
Portea ranitas

This is a project dedicated mainly to babies, and to families who want to offer as much contact as possible with their babies, from birth until they are old. It's about ergonomic carrying, PORTEA RANITAS (in Spanish) was born to create a better future society, where boys and girls have a secure attachment and respectful upbringing with their families. For this reason, we decided to open this blog on publish0x, in case any family wants information on how to carry their baby properly and ergonomically.

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