Portage in confinement

Portage in confinement

By Klo | Portea ranitas | 3 May 2020

Hello! I share the first video edited by frogs in Spain, due to the confinement and difficult times we have had to live in this region, the tribe of portearanitas decided to create a joint video to liven up the confinement-
We leave you the video and we hope you enjoy watching the families carrying, and the babies carrying.

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Portea ranitas
Portea ranitas

This is a project dedicated mainly to babies, and to families who want to offer as much contact as possible with their babies, from birth until they are old. It's about ergonomic carrying, PORTEA RANITAS (in Spanish) was born to create a better future society, where boys and girls have a secure attachment and respectful upbringing with their families. For this reason, we decided to open this blog on publish0x, in case any family wants information on how to carry their baby properly and ergonomically.

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