#TradeWithBityard What I've discovered about it

#TradeWithBityard What I've discovered about it

Well, hello reader. The last time I entered a contest with brokers, it was at Loopring DEX and we had to pay high integration fees with the MetaMask portfolio at LRC DEX, but at least it was funded by Publish. Now I saw this other opportunity and decided to create my account. Soon it looked cool to me. Your registration was successful!

Welcome to Bityard, get your bonus to start your trades


Hmm... sounds cool, let's see where this goes next, right? 😝






It looksgood! Several and huge awards, will I be able to draw?


bonuses 2

I tried to make a trade, but it seems that the balance they offer is of bonus, but you have to deposit balance to make the trade. You get a large DEMO balance to do the tests. As soon as you start the screen it already redirects you to the contract trade, not usually the conventional trade spot.




I realized that actually the bonus balance we get is not BTC or USDT, it's actually BYD and I don't know how to withdraw, transfer or anything like that, just don't have that option. Strange, actually it seems to be just a trade bonus or something like that, you can't exchange for another asset or draw, but there is a mining option that seemed kind of flawed.





It is also possible to buy derivatives such as crude oil, gold, silver, natural gas, so you have these options also that you hadn't seen in other cryptomorphs brokers, except in Uphold's service. 🙄




Well, then I didn't see much difference, I found the interface a little slow and without many explanations, there is the translation to Portuguese language, but I didn't find in the site what are the trading fees. So that's all friends, good experience for you, but I couldn't get the bonuses. haha 😬🤣👎🏼



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