Review on JetFuel.Finance
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Review on JetFuel.Finance

By renangeographia | Portal Geographia | 13 Feb 2021

Today I'm going to talk about this DeFi project, which has options to add liquidity and stake to farms, both Vault and Fuel, which I'll explain next. Let's go!


Before start this text I want to say you that the platform can achieve the APY by autocompound every 4 hours, then when comparing the daily rate and APY you have to understand that there's specific compound that you should considerate to reach the true APY.

I've been doing reviews about liquidity pool and decentralized finance farms for a while now, at the end of this post I'll leave the link to other previous reviews I've done and tested about other projects. And as a blogger I am writing so you already have an idea of the projects before you jump in at once, and then it may not be what you expected.

I have already been following the JetFuel project whose token is FUEL and today I decided to enter a farm that seems to be something I haven't seen yet in these DeFi projects, check out the APY of these two pools:




Look at these two pools, called B-29 Superfortress and F-16C Fighting Falcon.

Both are farms where you need to add liquidity to the JetFuel asset called FUEL and also Binance Coin (BNB). The first you must add liquidity through PancakeSwap, and the second through StreetSwap.

Through this pool, located in the Vault section, you will receive rewards from the assets that are in LP, i.e. FUEL and BNB. If you stake in the section called Fuels of the JetFuel project, you will receive rewards in the FUEL token. This is the difference between both pools. See below for the annual APY of the process by Fuels instead of Vault.



Through the JetFuel site you cannot swap, nor add liquidity in these pools, JetFuel uses other pools where you add liquidity, and through JetFuel you will only stake in the Vault or Fuels. See the pools available in the Vault:












And beyond these you also have other pools, including where you can stake stablecoins such as Terra UST and BUSD or traditional micro-commodities such as Amazon, Netflix, Tesla and Google. See:






For those who are willing to take a certain risk of impermanent loss, it might be a good idea to risk a decentralized finance investment. This is not financial advice, it is just a review of the project and I hope it has been helpful to you. Here below I will also provide the pools from the Fuels section, with FUEL yields.












That's it folks, I hope you enjoyed the review, below I will show the returns I received a few hours after I made a stake in the B-29 SuperFortress by PancakeSwap (FUEL-BNB LP). If you have the habit of investing in DeFi, you can monitor the returns of your farms through Yield Watch, just by entering your Binance Smart Chain (BSC) address of your portfolio in the following link:

See my yields for a few hours:


So through the FUEL-BNB stake, invested $37.31, I got a yield of $0.23 in about 12 hours. Considering this daily in a year, will give a return of $ 167.9. For now sounds interesting.


Feel free to calc the rewards by yourself: 

Link Compound Interest Calculator


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That's it folks. Regards from Renan!

renangeographia I am Geography teacher, married, family man, Algorand Ambassador from Brazilian Community and I also like to write about cryptocurrencies.

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