Dialog with Grandma on Ampleforth (Amplmorph?) #ELI5AMPL
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Dialog with Grandma on Ampleforth (Amplmorph?) #ELI5AMPL



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I hope you don't mind, Grandma has hearing problems...

Me: Grandma, today I'll explain you about the new asset used for tips in Publish. It's called Ampleforth (AMPL).

Grandma: It's really my grandson, how great, what's it all about?

Me: It's actually a unique cryptocurrency, its supply is elastic and can change every day, while the ownership of AMPL tokens is never diluted.

Grandma: Did I understand elastic? I'm really in need of elastics to fix your grandpa's underwear, which are with bad elastics.

Me: No Grandma, it is not a common elastic, it is the effect that is achieved by all AMPL holders, every day there is the rebase. When the price is above the base price of $ 1.06, there is an increase of the asset in the portfolio, when it is below $ 0.96 there is the negative rebase. In reality the holder continues with the same percentage of the network.

Grandma: Is it really, how interesting? In my time I didn't have any of that, we exchanged food in the countryside, fixed some clothes, hems, even money was scarcer. Now things have changed.


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Meanwhile, Grandpa listened to our conversation and palpitated...

Grandpa: Go to work boy, let go of this Bitcoin business, you'll be bad with these digital coins, this is not worth anything my grandson. I'll give you a hoe as a present to see what real work is, in my time I didn't have this nonsense.

Me: It's good that Grandpa arrived, I was explaining to Grandma about the active Ampleforth, which is now used in the blog I write.

Grandpa: It's ok my grandson, I'll give you a chance, tell me more to know what it is.

Me: Good Grandpa. Today's cryptocurrenices are dangerously correlated. AMPL's unique incentives allow it to decouple from Bitcoin's price pattern. This reduces systematic risk by adding diversity to a homogeneous ecosystem.

Grandpa: Since I understand investment, people use precious metals as gold as a reserve of value my grandson. In my time this does not exist...

Me: Dear Grandpa, like precious metals, today's fixed supply cryptocurrencies are vulnerable to sudden shocks in demand and cannot be used to denominate complex contracts. As a result, sophisticated economies cannot be built upon them. AMPL is the simplest direct solution to the supply inelasticity problem.


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While we were chatting, my little brother, 7 years old, arrived...

Grandpa: Now I want to see you explain it to your brother Joe... hahaha

Little Joe: I already know my darlings, I received some AMPL in my Giveaway MetaMask wallet from Memes at Publish.

Me: It's not possible, you're also on Publish? Why didn't Joe tell me?

Little Joe: It's been a while, I've had over a thousand followers, even won a few rebases.

Me, Grandma and Grandpa: So today you pay pizza Joe!

Little Joe: Oh nooooo...

I hope you enjoyed it, guys. Hugs!


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