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Hey guys, I’m going to introduce you to a whole new level blockchain project connecting every human being in the world through blockchain technology to give a better and improved healthcare experience.


Blockchain is the most important and disruptive technology found in the last 2 decades. As we know blockchain technology has spread through almost each and every industry around the globe. These industries are adopting the blockchain technology for the purpose of innovating the way they are functioning . One of the industries that are looking to adopt the blockchain is the medical industry.

Lets see about the blockchain and healthcare industry.

Current Situation

No matter what we say,it will be impossible to overstate the importance of the healthcare industry. Having said that,healthcare sector is one of the slowest growing industries in the world. I know that it is a very controversial thing to say. But without considering a one developed country, if we look at the whole world, we have African and Asian countries also, so when considering the entire world I can say the above statement again and again.


Considering current situation with the situation before 2 decades, hospitals,overall,still function pretty much the same way. The reason in my opinion is the lack of innovation. This is actually pretty surprising when you consider the fact that this sector ,in particular,has some of the well educated and smartest and people in the entire world.



MediLiVes is focused on telemedicine solutions. The MediLiVes platform enables healthcare professionals and patients to collect,store and harvest key findings from medical examinations data. The app is capable of recognizing more than 20 irregularities in ECG signals,making diagnosis significantly faster. There are more than 20 diagnostics which can be carried out using the MediLiVes devices.

MediLiVes aims to disrupt the healthcare & tele-medicine sector by lowering the cost and removing the barriers in conducting algoirthmic medical examination models.

MediLiVes approach to healthcare is through an analytical telemedicine system. The MediLiVes analytical telemedicine system is built on years of research and innovation. This tool can be used by patients for recording the medical test results, while doctors can use these tests to diagnose the patient’s health remotely.The data analysis is supplemented with a built-in smart algorithm which helps in the prioritization and interpretation of the results. It also notifies the patient the need for consulting with a medical specialist.

MediLiVes Analytical Telemedicine System

Here are the products categories in which the MediLiVes system is divided:

  1. MediLiVes Care — application for patients
  2. MediLiVes System — application for medical profesionals

There are two more product that supports the aforementioned systems

1. MediLiVes AR — augmented reality application

2. Server — 24/7 cloud-based server responsible for data encryption and harvesting from tele medical devices

Availability And Security

1*7T4YjR1ui9ZbQlfN5h4DRg.pngThis system is available on a wide variety of platforms including Android, iOS and Windows 10.MediLiVes is designed from the ground up to be a modular system. This means that it can function even without the implementation and installation of the complete solution. Furthermore,the data obtained is stored in the cloud in an encrypted form. This protects the patient’s personal and confidential information from potential data breaches. MediLiVes application is designed to function online as well as offline. When an internet connection is absent, which is usually the case in remote areas, patients and doctors can still review the data obtained.

Core Team


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