Hawk - Redefining the scooter-sharing market

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Hey Guys, I think you remeber about the hawk network which I introduced to you. Today I'm going to talk about the revolutionary product of the decade, it is none other than the Hawk E Scooter. Ok, lets review a bit,

What is Hawk Network?

In short, Hawk Network uses blockchain technology to empower the try traditional internet Things and achieves anew generation of distributed intelligent internet of Things. While HAWK Token is the master key of Hawk Network,it can be said that an era of intelligence and perception of all things has arrived.


E-scooter sharing now becomes the new trend of sharing mobility industry after car-sharing and bike-sharing. Companies like Lime and Bird have brought this new mode of transportation to all over North America. In the first phase,only a total of 5,000 HAWK scooters will be sold. They represent a disruption into the existing traffic networks,combining cycling and mining,using the blockchain to bring a new transportation experience.

Difference Between Hawk E Scooter and existing scooters


Hawk is the latest generation of intelligent scooters with a long battery life (lasts up to 45km). Its competitive advantages are: 1. Hawk scooters can access our sharing network of global massive user resources. Users can earn income immediately after scanning the scooter’s QR code to use it. 2. Hawk is the world’s first blockchain technology’s sub-chain; with mining capabilities, Hawk can mine HKC tokens every day.

HAWK Mining process

HAWK is not only a co-sharing scooter, but also a blockchain mining machine. As long as it is connected to the HAWK co-sharing network, the HKC that users mine every day can be sold on the Digital Asset Exchange.

Alright the question is how to use Hawk to mine?

It is a simple method, you have to download the app after purchasing the Hawk scooter,then you can start mining by accessing the network. The HKC token you’ll obtain from mining can be viewed daily on your mobile app.


Value of the HKC Token

HKC is the native token issued by the scooter-sharing service,HAWK. Its value lies in stimulating continuous participation and strengthening HAWKs ecological resources. When the scooter sharing service HAWK reaches a certain scale and quantity,the various roles in the ecology can better cooperate with each other,meanwhile the ecology system can be highly competitive and win a higher market share which will be used as the fundamental aspect of HKC.


Payment for cycling

In the future, users can use HKC to pay for their ride.


Secondary market transactions

HKC can be traded through the exchange platform after it is listed on the Digital Asset Exchange.


Application of the ecosystem

HKC can be used in other co-sharing platforms under UChain.


UChain Intelligent Shopping Mall

HKC will be a currency used for the UChain Intelligent Shopping Mall in the future


Sub-tokens conversion

With improvements in the UChain co-sharing ecosystem, the HKC tokens are allowed to be exchanged with other types of tokens.

e63c24c.pngFor HAWK scooter purchases

HKC tokens will be able to partially offset the purchase of HAWK scooters in the near future.





Website: https://hawk.cool/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hawk_hkc/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hawk.hkc
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hawk-hkc-1533a7176/
Medium: https://medium.com/@heiyingqishihawk
Bitcointalk Ann thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5175545
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hawk_HKC
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLG-QRdNnTtefgU_LvSA3aA?view_as=subscriber
Telegram bounty group - @Hawkbounty

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