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By Connor_LC | Poporo | 13 Apr 2020

DTTP means Decentralized, Trustless, Transparent and Permissionless



I’m Connor, a member of Liberalis Circulum, an organic community of core developers interested in personal privacy protection and anonymous transactions and we all remain anonymous.

On March 11, 2020, we launched a Monero forking project named Poporo.

Many people thought I was a fool, developing a forking project day and night. There have been hundreds of thousands of hard-forks everywhere and full of scams. People are already bored and all those forked coins have more negativity than volume except for a very few.

Why spending my time on a project with a very small probability of success?

  • Why?
  • If you have time for a cup of coffee, you can read a confession of why the crypto enthusiast is so persistent about Poporo.


What’s Poporo?

Poporo forked at block 2051693 of Monero, 03/11/2020.


Although Poporo seems to be a common forking project, it is a novel solution. It abandoned the POW algorithm adopted by Monero and chose a new POP(proof-of-proof) algorithm for mining. And solve the problem of security and ASIC resistance.


What’s the POP(proof-of-proof) algorithm?

The POP consensus algorithm, Proof-Of-Proof. This refers to an algorithm that guarantees the security of other blockchain networks through a highly secure blockchain network.

Because the bitcoin has the recognized highest computing power, the highest attack cost, and the best security, the host system of the general POP algorithm adopts the bitcoin network. Poporo chose Bitcoin as the host system. By changing the consensus algorithm from POW to POP, it can completely get rid of the problem of the ASIC mining center and mining pool, and the security will exceed the original Monero. In other words, Poporo removes the hardware and computing power requirements by POW mining. The security is guaranteed by using the hash power of Bitcoin.


Why Poporo has a place in private cryptocurrencies?

Now the famous privacy coins are XMR, DASH, and Zcash. They have different but excellent ZKP technologies, but they all adopted the pow algorithm. Due to the small computing power, ASIC miners and mining pools can monopoly computing power easily and cause centralization problems. It is not safe and more likely to launch a 51% attack.

The current problem of Monero is that in order to prevent the centralization of the computing power caused by ASIC mining, a new generation of consensus algorithms is required every six months, which will bring huge maintenance costs and security issues.

Monero is a privacy coin that using ring signatures which has already done a good job in improvement on zero-knowledge proofs. Most of the code of Poporo comes from Monero. Poporo is the development and evolution of Monero.


It is based on Monero that we come up with Poporo.

Poporo inherits the core of Monero and adopts a new consensus algorithm to fix the existing anti-ASIC problem. By introducing a new consensus algorithm- Proof-of-Proof algorithm, we hope to solve this problem once and for all.

Besides, Poporo is the best CPU mining project and allows people with low spec laptops or desktops to mine PPR which is fair to fresh miners. It can be seen that the mining threshold of Poporo is lower than Monero because there is no one-time hardware purchase threshold. Besides, Poporo miners can use a large amount of betting method with low frequency, so there is no need to join the mining pool. Poporo can make a large number of Pop miners successfully mine. Therefore, the degree of decentralization is higher than Monero.


Bring a more secure and completely anonymous cryptocurrency that can be used in various payment scenarios and avoid all possible censorship.


We also want to bring Poporo to the Monero community, giving anonymous currency users more options.

poporo privacy



Is there a roadmap for Poporo?

The purpose of developing Poporo is not to launch a forking coin on the exchange as soon as possible and then end up in a bad reputation less than a year.

What Poporo wants to be is a more decentralized and anonymous privacy cryptocurrency in a Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System, to make the world better.

We believe that digital currencies with pre-mine or founder‘s rewards do not have a value storage function. Poporo is launched fairly — free of ICO,pre-mine or founder’s reward.

Since the Tail Emission is removed, the total Poporo‘s output will be about 18million. This will make Poporo become an absolute deflationary cryptocurrency and ideal ways of value stored in the future.

If we are lucky, maybe we can get the title of Crypto Gold.




We need your help

We are a community of blockchain developers lacking of the abilities of publicity and promotion. If you are crypto enthusiasts having the same faith, we hope you can participate in the Poporo‘s vision.

You are welcome to learn about Poporo’s features, codes, and LC spirit, then we can work hard to cultivate the community and help developing crypto technology, contract and infrastructure together. We strongly encourage that you can leave your any idea about cryptocurrencies on Coinbase when you mine PPR. Your one and only mark records the blockchain history. You could help spread the word about Poporo and promote Poporo. Let us go hand in hand for a stronger ecology of Poporo and a better tomorrow of cryptocurrency.

With you, we can be a great army, go anywhere and achieve anything! Here are some reading materials to help you learn more about Poporo:

1️⃣ Website | ❇️

2️⃣ Github | ❇️

3️⃣ Whitepaper | ❇️

4️⃣ Tutorial | ❇️

If you hold Monero before the fork and you are interested in Poporo, you can get the corresponding PPR in 1: 1. More detailed information is in the FAQ.

5️⃣ FAQ |❇️


That the road ahead is long, and shrouded in darkness.

It is a road that will not always take me where I wish to go,

and I doubt I will live to see its end.

But I will travel down it nonetheless.

For at my side walks hope.

In the face-of-all that insists I turn back, I carry on.


This is my compromise.


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In the face-of-all that insists I turn back, I carry on. This is my compromise.


XMR 2.0 with high security and decentralization based on the POP algorithm.

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