Turtle Network Leasers payout rework with PPn tokens official support on the network!

Turtle Network Leasers payout rework with PPn tokens official support on the network!

As you may already know we have created a gateway for our node token PPn. This means we will now start distributing PPn to our Turtle Network mining pool leasers as well as supporting it's features.

Starting this week, every weekly payout will include a 500 PPn token payment to all leasers supporting our service. We have also ported our tokens daily snapshots feature for sharing our mining profits with leasers on TN. This means there will be daily snapshots of all PPn holders and 10% of our Turtle Network mining pool profits will be shared at the end of the month. The bonus airdrop will be distributed according to your daily average balance for the month and in the project reward of that months choice.

This brings our bonus profit sharing service full circle. Which is now support by both our Waves and Turtle nodes.

You can choose to hold or trade your tokens, on either Waves / Turtle by using our gateway service enabling the transfer of our token between networks.


PPn Gateway details: https://www.publish0x.com/pool-party-nodes-official-news-letters-and-updates/pool-party-nodes-launches-its-first-gateway-service-our-nati-xqwwry


Weekly payment details

-TN node address: 3JfzofxdCw7xpp1FdtqZDdfEZtN611vk4QX

-95% payout of transactions mined in TN fees are paid to leasers

-500 PPn distributed weekly to all leasers of our node


Now that this part of our road map is complete, we have plans to potentially build some interesting dapps revolving around our node token. We are also willing to work with or guide verified Waves or TN projects that would like to bridge their community by opening a gateway for their tokens.


Stay tuned, this is just the beginning more gateways and Pool Party Nodes projects to come!!


Crypto enthusiast for several years now. I do write ups on projects I like from time to time :)

Pool Party Nodes Official News Letters and Updates
Pool Party Nodes Official News Letters and Updates

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