Pool Party Nodes launches it's first Gateway service for our native PPn node token on Turtle Network & Waves

Pool Party Nodes launches it's first Gateway service for our native PPn node token on Turtle Network & Waves

We are proud to announce the launch of our first of many Gateway services!


Gateway support between Waves and Turtle Network for our native PPn token has been tested and is now open for service. You can send, hold, and trade Pool Party Nodes token {PPn} on both Waves Platform and Turtle Network.


Turtle Network Gateway Address: 3Jv1BqfLu9KRdjhNNor6Pp69UNZ7rNwp6or

Waves Platform Gateway Address: 3PCkZ2TFpG7me19G4iJ16QtvzHvntzrYVan

Gateway website: PPn Gateway instructions

Sending your tokens between both networks is very simple. You click send on the Pool Party Node token, input the gateway address of the respected platform you are sending your tokens from, then paste the receiving address of the opposite network in the description section of the transaction.

Example: Mike holds PPn on Turtle Network and wants to move the token over to Waves. He must simply send PPn token to the Turtle Network gateway address: 3Jv1BqfLu9KRdjhNNor6Pp69UNZ7rNwp6or then in the transaction description he pastes the Waves address he owns and would like to receive his PPn tokens on the Waves side. This works the same way around for Mike if he is holding his tokens on Waves and wants to send them over to Turtle Network. See pretty simple :)

This marks the beginning of what we hope will be a larger community effort from us and others to make the people and assets of both platforms more accessible for the users of these blockchains.

The gateway framework was developed by the Turtle Networks core developer team and we expect to see more Waves/Turtle assets opening gateways + sharing liquidity/use cases in both communities for the benefit of all.

This Gateway support also means that the monthly PPn holders snapshots will begin and weekly PPn token payouts to leasers on Turtle Network will start being sent out as well.


New Payment Details:

  • Payout percentage increased from 90% to 95% per week on the main chain asset staked
  • PPn payout is 1000 tokens divided among leasers on both Waves Platform and Turtle Network


Turtle PPn asset Id:


Waves PPn asset Id:



We hope users will continue to support our POS mining services as we work to help development of both platforms, as well as our native Pool Party Node tokens use cases outside leasers bonus profit sharing airdrops.


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Pool Party Nodes Official News Letters and Updates

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