Pirate Chain is now listed & trading on Polarity.Exchange
Polarity adds wallet support for Pirate Chain

Pirate Chain is now listed & trading on Polarity.Exchange

Today as a proud sponsor of the BPSAA we would like the announce the listing of one of their alliance members: Pirate Chain (Arrr)!

Pirate Chain is a ZK-snarks, Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) privacy-focused currency and founding member of the BPSAA alliance we proudly support. As our roadmap progress, we plan to be one of the first wallet/DEX to support all founding + new joining members in one easy to use crypto keys/funds manager Polarity.Exchange.


"Pirate Chain (ARRR) is a 100% private send cryptocurrency. It uses a privacy protocol that cannot be compromised by other users' activity on the network. Most privacy coins are riddled with holes created by optional privacy. Pirate Chain uses ZK-Snarks to shield 100% of the peer to peer transactions on the blockchain making for highly anonymous and private transactions."


Pirate Chain x Polarity.Exchange trading contest promotion card

As a bonus for our community, we would like to announce our first trading contest! This trading contest will be featured on the Pirate Chain (Arrr) / USDT Polarity.Exchange pair and will last for the entire month of October. 

Join the conversion with other contestants here: https://t.me/polarityexchange

User Qualifications:

  • Top 2 Traders based on Volume: 5,000 ARRR each
  • Random 5 traders with at least 20 trades (minimum 500 ARRR/trade): 1,000 ARRR each
  • Duration: 1 Month (October 1st-October31st)
  • No duplicate accounts

We wish all our community members the best of luck and may the winds of fortune fill your sails.

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