Aave $Lend support was added Polarity.Exchange latest wallet version upgrade 1.1
Polarity.Exchange addes support for Aave $Lend

Aave $Lend support was added Polarity.Exchange latest wallet version upgrade 1.1

The final week of Polarity.Exchange initial token listing expansion has come to a conclusion. That being said we are closing this event with one final token listing! Aave #Ethereum #Defi lending platform also known as $Lend.

We would like to thank everyone that took part in the event, created a wallet, and interacted with the team in our telegram. In the near future, we will be working on providing liquidity for members of non-profit foundation we sponsor Blockchain Privacy, Security & Adoption Alliance (BPSAA)

BPSAA official site details: https://bpsaa.vision/about

New token listing


This week listing Aave is another extremely popular #DeFi lending platform which has taken a significant portion of the current #DeFi market cap. Their lending platform provides unique features that stack up well against competitors' platforms. The Aave platform leverages it's own native token $Lend to provide fee discounts and you will also be stake the token to take part in the platform's governance process.

More details on Aave can be found here: https://boxmining.com/aave-lend/

There is much more to be said about the #DeFi lending space but you are always welcome to join our community and be part of the discussions in our telegram: https://t.me/polarityexchange

Official Polarity.Exchange wallet version 1.1 release is here!


This is a special listing announcement as we are proud to officially release our latest product Polarity.Security which we previewed a week ago.

More Details: https://medium.com/@polarity.exchange/polarity-exchange-v1-1-security-release-2fa-multi-sig-security-4e3e6c049d0d

  • Wallet version 1.1 comes with a completely new deposit page. One that matches the experience of your regular centralized cryptocurrency exchange.

Polarity.Exchange wallet deposit page preview

Official Polarity Community airdrop program announcement


With the release of wallet version 1.1 we are hosting our first official airdrop program for new users

Polarity.Exchange official airdrop promotion card

For more details on how to claim your airdrop tokens follow this join the telegram and wait for the official announcement!

Telegram: https://t.me/polarityexchange

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Polarity.Exchange newsletter and updates

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