A Question (Original Poem)

A Question (Original Poem)

By Sasha Raven | POETRY | 17 May 2020

Lord don't reveal my thoughts to the others,
I'm afraid of that, and it really bothers.
But He's not like me, He's almighty and divine,
He'll not betray me; it will be just fine.
His enemies plant all the dirty seeds...
"Just pull out all those dirty weeds!"
I'm talking now, like I'm a saint,
but I'm a painter who cannot paint!
I talk and play just like the fools,
it feels sometimes like useless tools...
"It's better Sasha not to write or talk!"
So they sent me for a long, long walk.



Sasha Raven
Sasha Raven

Poet, writer... https://linktr.ee/sasharavenmusic


This blog contains my poetry mostly in rhymes.

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