Cursed with limitation.
Blessed with lucid dreams.

I stare outside as I remember
my countless unlived lives,

my countless unborn kids,
and my countless unloved wives.

The dreams are stronger
than the love of flying,

the urge to go sailing,
and the fear of failing.

Some forged friends
are knocking on the door.

There is no way to escape;
disappear into the floor.

A fight without fists.
A night on the town.
A king’s unworn crown.

Even in the wildest nightmare,
there’s no greater scare than what’s real.

So leave the heavens all alone,
and don’t mess with a demon’s seal.

Heaven is enclosed by a gate.

Private means private;
it means to stay away.

Heaven means silence;
it means you just obey.

On earth, there’s a weapon;
you’re cursed when it’s drawn

and hunted forever,
from sunset till dawn.

Words kill faster than bullets.
You will turn into night,

the biggest enemy of day.
Recording your voice,

your undying light,
praying in reverse,

boundless vibrational flight.

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Vincent van Zandvoort
Vincent van Zandvoort

Vincent van Zandvoort is a writer of poetry, prose & short fiction. Science fiction - fantasy - supernatural - thriller, drama. ©️ Copyright 2020-2023. Vincent van Zandvoort. All Rights Reserved.

Poetry / Prose
Poetry / Prose

I compose poetry and prose about the disappointments of life; dishonest people we come across; crushed hopes and expectations; the corruption that lies within everyone, but also lighter stuff. Go read it, and don't forget to like, tip, and share it. Much love, Vincent

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