The Twenty-fourth

The Twenty-fourth

The day is very dark.
Heat without the sun.
The night’s artificial light.
Got all the answers right.

Ignored the simple truth.
Her love has passed my own.
Far beyond what I can grasp.

I can’t feel her anymore.
I know she spoke the truth.

She has finally left.

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Vincent Van Zandvoort
Vincent Van Zandvoort

Vincent Van Zandvoort is a writer of poetry, prose & short fiction. Science fiction - fantasy - supernatural - thriller - drama. ©️ Copyright 2020-2023. Vincent Van Zandvoort. All Rights Reserved.

Poetry / Prose
Poetry / Prose

I compose poetry and prose about the disappointments of life; dishonest people we come across; crushed hopes and expectations; the corruption that lies within everyone, but also lighter stuff.

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