Never Again

Never Again

For more than a year,
I’ve waited here.
Our favorite spot:
I made you hot.
The lines on the wall
spell out our names
around a heart.
We’d never part.

The past had caught up.
You had to stop.
I can’t be loved.
I had to go.
Out of your life.
No man. No wife.

Her actions screamed,
"Long overdue."
"You never were..."
"I’m over you."

I went on my way.
Had nothing to say.
The speed sped up time.
Made all demons mine.
How much will I lie
before I can die?

Crazy like the sun.
A killer in disguise.
Happy in the rain.
Magically insane.

Bones into the ground.
My love forgot my name.
It always ends the same.

I should have seen it coming.
No hate, no love, just longing.
Since the day I got lost.
Innocence taken, shaken, and tossed.

One foot inside the grave;
life is what I crave.
One hand above ground.
Longing for a sound
that did eventually came
when you screamed out my name.

It got plunged into your heart,
and after wielding
the blade of the knife,
it was finally time
to end my own life.

Life after death:
a couple of years
after my last breath,
a man sends a prayer
to the underground mayor.
I look at him.
Through an EVP recorder,
I deeply sigh.
"Don’t let eternity pass you by."

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Vincent van Zandvoort
Vincent van Zandvoort

Vincent van Zandvoort is a writer of poetry, prose & short fiction. Science fiction - fantasy - supernatural - thriller, drama. ©️ Copyright 2020-2023. Vincent van Zandvoort. All Rights Reserved.

Poetry / Prose
Poetry / Prose

I compose poetry and prose about the disappointments of life; dishonest people we come across; crushed hopes and expectations; the corruption that lies within everyone, but also lighter stuff. Go read it, and don't forget to like, tip, and share it. Much love, Vincent

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