Lady Depression

Lady Depression

The morning starts with a smile as the sun gently strokes the lines on my face. Coffee greets me and gives birth to the first words of the day. The very first person’s hello sends shivers down my spine. It’s too early for thoughts. There’s solely love, riding that thin line.

The world as I remember it, before...
—and there she is.

I didn’t see her coming. I never felt her hands on my lap, Lady Depression’s invite to dance the quickstep. My eyes well up; it’s an honor just to be considered. She’s the only one that loves how I look, and she always remembers my name, but I tell her: "Not today, my love." like I could resist her beauty.

She falls on her knees and she hugs me when I pick her up. She’s not letting go. She’ll never stop. "We belong together," she softly whispers in my ear. I know it was the opposite of pure luck; my early earthly collision. The apple means, "just fuck."

Let me go, darling! Please just let me go.

Lady Depression squeezes herself inside through my eyes, blinds me, and her kindness goes from good to bad. She can be the best. She can be the worst when she climbs inside my heart and stretches it until I burst.

Blue in the face, I lie on the ground, tired. I am so tired of dancing. So uninspired.

The evening sets in. Darkness knocks on the door and flies through my window. He picks me up and pours me a drink: "Here, you’ll feel better." We turn it into a contest, which I always win. The prize is always the same: the Don’t Feel Anything Cup. I turn on the TV, and I slowly die as I watch a soap about life passing by.

I woke up late in the afternoon, too late to try again. It’s raining in my head. I'd better stay in bed.

—and there she is. I didn’t see her coming. I never felt her footsteps on my back; Lady Depression’s invite to a dance. How could I resist such a calm and soothing twist?

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Vincent van Zandvoort
Vincent van Zandvoort

Vincent van Zandvoort is a writer of Poetry, Inspirational Words, Prose & Short Fiction. Science Fiction - Fantasy - Supernatural - Thriller

Poetry / Prose
Poetry / Prose

Poetry / Prose

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