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Blind Eye

Blind Eye

She’s there. I live in her eyes.
She’s there, loving my disguise.

She knows that I’m not here alone.
She sees right through the lies;
she’s not blind.

She’s there, kissing everyone.
I hide; I’ve already won.

Deep in her heart, she knows I’m made of stone.
One blink, and I am gone;
she’s not blind.

It seems that’s the way it goes:
walking on someone else’s toes.

Deep within my only soul,
I know that I’m not blind;
I just can’t find...

Someone's loneliness to share.
Anyone who’s unaware.

I know that I will find her there.
I know it’s me she’ll find,
but she’s not blind.

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Vincent van Zandvoort
Vincent van Zandvoort

Vincent van Zandvoort is a writer of poetry, prose & short fiction. Science fiction - fantasy - supernatural - thriller, drama. ©️ Copyright 2020-2023. Vincent van Zandvoort. All Rights Reserved.

Poetry / Prose
Poetry / Prose

I compose poetry and prose about the disappointments of life; dishonest people we come across; crushed hopes and expectations; the corruption that lies within everyone, but also lighter stuff. Go read it, and don't forget to like, tip, and share it. Much love, Vincent

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