"Privileged": Exhibition 10

By wackywriter | Poetry Patrol | 19 Aug 2021

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To continue this week's exhibitions, we have another powerful poem created by a little known artist who uses Instagram to share some moving verse; beautiful and outrageously sad at times.

I struggle to keep my foot in the door,

You failed to be given that chance.


I struggle to flee my nepotistic past,

You failed to be given that glance.


I struggle to finish my failing task,

You failed to be given that merit.


I struggle to impress my superior,

You failed to be given that benefit.


My struggle is your privilege

You struggle is my privilege.

This is one of the poets more structured pieces, making use of both technical and figurative devices. It very clearly is about the speaker seeking approval from a superior, perhaps even his parents. Such would make sense from the granting of "privileges" and the need to pay them back. Let's hear from the speaker themselves below.

It seems even with the many archived poems, I am too reluctant to post them. So here is a fresher one. I had the idea following a conversation with a peer about what privilege really means. Ultimately the poem is quite simple. I am trying to convey that from a point of privilege, even the very struggle you face are a gratitude. That is because you have the opportunity to face them.

So, the poem follows a very simply call-answer response. Each couple's latter verse mirrors the former one. The rhyming scheme is ABCB for the first eight lines. The concluding two lines is really pushing forward that mirror point.

The poem does not attempt to say much but if anything I hope it serves as point of reflection. So that you may gaze inwards and develop a better sense of your position in the outside world relative to other people.

All content in this blog has been used with permission of the artist.


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