"Kismet": Exhibition 4

By wackywriter | Poetry Patrol | 10 Aug 2021

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To continue this week's exhibitions, we have another powerful poem created by a little known artist who uses Instagram to share some moving verse; beautiful and outrageously sad at times.

Maybe uncertainty began

When the Sun set in the

East and rose in the West;

Challenging a belief

I presumed to be best.


Maybe uncertainty began

When man did not waste a

Single tear or deep breath;

After orchestrating

His fellow brother's death.


Maybe uncertainty began

When the voice inside had

Learnt to step out of line;

No longer recognized

As that sweet voice of mine.

However certainty began

When you came and so

Boldly saved my life;

So quickly dispelled

Was my mental strife.

The speaker provides us with an abstract state, in which it cannot be obvious what specific life event they are referring to and yet the overpowering sense of love towards the end cannot be mistaken. Let's hear from the speaker themselves.

Just wanted to apologise for the long delay... Was engaged in some writer's block and found it impossible to source inspiration. Hopefully, as I practice and continue to hone in on my craft, these blocks will occur less frequently.

Back to the poem, Kismet is derived from the Arabic "ḳismat" ("lot"), and translates as fate/destiny. This poem has a purposely designed set structure for each of the lines that seek to effect the overall flow. In this manner, from reading the poem you unconsciously sense the subtle change before you perhaps notice it.

Compared to my prior poems, the content of this is not as riddled with allusions. Reason being, I wish to make the overall message more accessible and sign post my intentions. However, given the freedom of interpretation, it is safe to say everyone will focus on a different aspect to take away. My purpose in poetry will forever to make my audience feel something, whatever it may be. So, I will avoid talking at length to the meaning of this poem since I don't feel it necessary.

On to the structure! So, there are 4 stanzas in total, each consisting of five lines. The first 3 stanzas mimic each other in the manner by which they start, number of syllables per line (7 in first, followed by 6 in other four), rhyming scheme (ABCDC). The first stanza looks at uncertainty in the world; the second, within others; the third, within oneself. The final stanza break away from the use of anaphora but still parallels the structure and contains 7 syllables. Yet each of the proceeding lines contain only 5 syllables. Although there remains a continuation of the ABCDC rhyming scheme. As stated, this subtle change paves way for the mood change

All content in this blog has been used with permission of the artist.


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Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Read it to my s/o.

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