"Attempts": Exhibition 11

By wackywriter | Poetry Patrol | 19 Aug 2021

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To continue this week's exhibitions, we have another powerful poem created by a little known artist who uses Instagram to share some moving verse; beautiful and outrageously sad at times.

I tried. I am sorry.

I know. I gave up.

I will do what I need.

I know that I am weak.


Chasing fleeting faith.

Life appears so bleak.

Searching for the well's source.

A dry absolute void.


Infinite darkness.

Fearful of the world.

Scared to selfishly act.

One swift termination.


A soulless puppet.

Strings pull at my bones.

Endless creaking noises.

Stop the suffering.

This is a poem about internal suffering where the speaker is going through a dark place. He captures the imagery of the void throughout the poem with an explicit reference to it in the middle of the poem as well. Perhaps the author wrote this from a point of sympathy, empathy or perhaps just educatively. Let's read his explanation to find out!

Suicide may be a distant reality for some of us. However, in 2019, there were 5691 registered suicides in England and Wales. This is an age-standardised rates of 11 deaths per 100,000 population (consistent with 2018 rates). Of these registered deaths, consistent with a 25 year-old trend, 75% of those registered deaths were among males. This data only captures a small proportion of the people who may be suffer from suicide ideation (thoughts or feelings). During the popularised month of "Mo-vember", I hope you contributed to the discussion through some education of this complex mental health issue. Whilst the focus is on males this month, do be sure to check on all your friends, family and loved ones in your support network. Reducing these figures is a difficult challenge that can only be made easier through collective efforts to support each other.

All content in this blog has been used with permission of the artist.


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