The Most Satisfying $0.10 Earned
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The Most Satisfying $0.10 Earned

By Ippollo | Podcasting Secrets | 22 Apr 2021

I finally did it! I posted an article on Publish0x after 15 months of creeping and tipping. One of the reasons I didn't post anything sooner was the mindset of "I have nothing to say that this community wants to hear." I'd posted articles over on, so there's no reason why I couldn't do the same here. That's behind me now, and I figure it's time to ride the wave of momentum and post my second article.

In reality, my desire to write again is human nature. I put in work, I received a reward (image below), and now I want to duplicate the work that earned me the reward.

$0.10 earned from first article

Waking up and seeing this $0.10 was great!

The motivation for the article is a podcast I've been working on since November of 2019. I started with no plan except to release at least 52 episodes in 2020, which I finished with 60.

It was a slow start for downloads when I launched in January 2020 (to be expected), and the download numbers peaked around August. That peak was a little less than 500 downloads. In case you're wondering, that's not great. In fact, I would say it's terrible considering there are 60 episodes, and I started 15 months ago.

A few months back, I decided to pause the podcast and focus on learning what I could do differently to succeed with the next 60 episodes. 

As I've learned more about podcasting, I've realized all the mistakes I made. You can read all about them here.

Armed with the knowledge I now have, I'm going to relaunch the podcast in the next couple of months. I don't expect that my download numbers will be huge right out of the gate, as there's always work to be done to improve and promote the podcast.

If you want to follow the journey of how to (re)launch a podcast and grow into a business, this blog is for you.

You can follow me on Twitter, where I share more of my journey.


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Podcasting Secrets
Podcasting Secrets

After a year of running a podcast and making all the mistakes, I'm now sharing the lessons learned so other podcasters can avoid the same mistakes.

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