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By twolargedabs | Play2EarnNewb | 9 Jan 2022

!Happy new year! Today I'll be talking about JET NFT and the NEW way to view your NFTs! Recently Coinbase announced a new NFT viewer in browser, but Jetcoin  NFT blows that idea out of the water! While using the superior JET NFT viewer, You can expect interactive content along with your NFT! Interactive content? Whaaaaat? Yessssir! Not only will you be able to view you NFT, You'll also be able to see videos and important news pertaining to your NFT. An example of these extra features would be purchasing a supercar NFT, When viewing your NFT in JET NFT viewer you can except to see a description of the vehicle, inside pictures and it's specs. You'd be able to see what type of engine, transmission, top speed, power output, as well as the 0-100KM time. That's it? Ohhhhh nooooooo...  You can get measurements like the width, length, curb height, year produced, and how many units were produced as well! You may also have other videos and other information within your NFT. Giving more interactive features will certainly add more excitement to your NFT! Now if it was a football player card NFT obviously you wouldn't be getting the same interactive content as a supercar would.  Your interactive content would revolve around player NFT that you own, stats, team, birthday, game schedule, etc. Do you know what a professional scouter is? They scout anywhere and everywhere for the best raw talent they can find, With JETNFT you are your own scout. Purchase an NFT card of that little known guy you've been following for months, and watch his value increase overtime allowing you to monetize from it!


Why did I mention football though? JETNFT has been sponsored on the English Football League Derby County FC, Wigan Athletic F.C., English Premier League perimeter banner advertising, two Serie A football teams (A.C. Chievo Verona + Hellas Verona) PLUS three luxury yacht shows (Singapore, Phuket and Penang Rendezvous) and three Formula One Official After-Parties in Singapore. Vroooooooom! Football fans who follow certain players throughout their career have the chance to win extra rewards when said player reaches higher popularity. In some ways you're sorta like a recruiter for a team, If you think a player has potential and decide to purchase their NFT card it's possible to earn rewards if that person does well. JetNFT was also a sleeve sponsor for today's game (1-8-22) for Huddersfield Town for their FA cup game against Burnley. 




JETNFT trading cards will guarantee a better NFT experience. Built on the Ethereum blockchain for both IOS and Android. How does it work you ask? Jetcoin will secure a percentage from players contract or from agents/agencies. Jetcoin also released JET tokens for purchase whom wish to benefit from future success. Sharing a percentage of  their future earnings athletes turn fans into social media managers which shares their success through the NFT. The more fans an athlete has their value increases and are able to secure greater endorsements and create deals with their sponsors, having a larger fan base increases sale of merchandise creating even more value. Are you ready for JETNFT?

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I'm new to crypto but have been gaming all my life! I'm here to help others start playing P2E(Play to earn) games! It can be confusing at first, once you get a little more information it's e z p z!

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