Is Binemon Dead Alredy??

By renorth | Play to earn Lair | 29 Sep 2021

What ???

It was one of the candidate to take the throne of Axie infinity and now?

Once the hype has settle down, and all the youtubers have concentrate their minds in other stuff everyone stopped talking about it and the value of the Bin (official token of the game) has fallen down drastically followed by the Draken (crystal used to buy the binemon).

Other crisis factor are the comunity there are no big numbers like 50k people on the telegram group, and also looking in DappRadar and Coinmarket the situation in not really happy when you go to see the number of transaction, or the actual money invested in the project.

So this game was just hype?

IMHO yes.

It did to many promise of easy earning and in the end the developers could not implement the necessary options to capitalize their investiment.

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Play to earn Lair

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