Flowers in my garden through May
yellow fragrant Azalea Knapp Hill seedling

Flowers in my garden through May

Hello there,

I am a plant and flower lover. I think, most men don't care about flowers, but I think, majority of women enjoys at least to see them as a part of world's beauty. Why is that so? I hope, that I am not a weirdo, I feel strait, still perseiving the beauty call of nature since my childhood. I was never interested in sports, cars, bikes... always searching a plant and flower gem hiden somewhere in our urban concrete jungle. I am happy to find a flower everywhere, they may appear also in a gap on the road and the pedestrian path. This was a wild poppy in a asphalt gap beside the road near my house some years ago. But actually this wild poppis bloom everywhere around right now. They are wild but so pretty.

wild poppy road

I take a special care of my small decorative flower bed with a tiny sized lawn. I put many various flowers in so I can enjoy various blossom through the season from spring till autumn.

This is some of the flower beauties in May.

pink Rhododendron & Myosotis

Another shot some days later with a close up yesterday in rain

pink Rhododendron & Myosotis later

The flowers of the Rhododendron "Germania" are huge.

The tiny blue flowers are forget me not (Myosotis)

pink Rhodod. Germania detail in rain

Detail of a small plant of Rhododendron yakushimanum. It is an original species from an south Japan's island Yakushima.

Rhodod. yakushimanum

Big yellow Azalea, a seedling from a Knapp Hill group sort with a very low tiny yellow Rhododendron "Wren".

Azalea yellow & Rh. Wren

My favorite flower bed at the start of May

flower bed start May

Low perennials for a rock garden, Phlox subulata & Euphorbia polychroma. I chose this color combination because I like it. 

Phlox sub. & Euphorbia pol.

Not exactly the same place, but my old Rhododendron "Cunningham's White" was blooming the same time too.

Rhod. Cunningham's White

Pink peony is still young, but it bloomed nicely with some huge lightly fragrant flowers


I hope, not to make you bored with my flower photo story, so I will continue another time. 

Thank you for your attention.
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I love nature, gardening, botany, flowers, fruits, Japan, Japanese anime

Plants & flowers in my garden and around
Plants & flowers in my garden and around

I like to share my gardening experience, my botany insights life in nature through the seasons, my joy and sometimes disappointment by bad luck with the weather, malicious bugs and fungi. I am an old pro gardener, but in the meantime, I also like to play PC games, watch anime, try to understand crypto World and still learn more about Japan. I think, I may mix the issue sometimes. Good luck to me and you all as well! :-)

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