Current blossom in my garden
Prunus serr. Kanzan

Current blossom in my garden

I am afraid, that my garden is rather chaotic. I try to keep as much as possible fruit trees as I am a fruit freak. 

But I planted many various decorative plants as well, limited with the temperate zone climate of Central Europe, where I live. 

I adore Japan, so even I didn't create a Japanese garden, I still strive to plant various Japanese plants, which are often difficult to grow because of the different environment conditions.

My peach tree, early sort Fertillia Morettini in full blossom. The interesting thing is that you may not always see such beautiful flowers of peach tree, because there are two types of peach tree flowers. This is the big, fully opening type and the other type is rather red, smaller, with a shape of a bell. The next tree behind is such peach, middle early ripening sort Red Haven.

Peach tree Fertillia Morettini April


Close up photo of the same peach tree

Peach tree Fertillia Morettini April close


The second flower type of a peach tree. Here my peach tree sort Red Haven


Red Haven flowers


A comparison with the apricot tree flowers


Apricot flowers

Flowers of my big sour cherry tree (Prunus cerasus) 


Sour cherry big hand


Detail of plum tree flowers (Prunus domestica)

Plum tree flower detail


Detail of sweet cherry (Prunus avium) flowers, an early sort. 


Cherry May flowers detail

Thank you for your attention to check my spring fruit tree blossom joy. If you like my post, please, tip me too. 

All photos are my own property. 


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I love nature, gardening, botany, flowers, fruits, Japan, Japanese anime

Plants & flowers in my garden and around
Plants & flowers in my garden and around

I like to share my gardening experience, my botany insights life in nature through the seasons, my joy and sometimes disappointment by bad luck with the weather, malicious bugs and fungi. I am an old pro gardener, but in the meantime, I also like to play PC games, watch anime, try to understand crypto World and still learn more about Japan. I think, I may mix the issue sometimes. Good luck to me and you all as well! :-)

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