Save the date 12/07/23 - The day my crypto was stolen

By Seedling | Planting the Seed | 16 Jul 2023

Yeap. The title says it all. My heart stopped for a second today. I was having my morning coffee and cigarette in my balcony, and I've decided to open my exodus app just to realize my BTC ETH ( around 400$) and a bit of Shib got stolen this past week. My monthly DCA for 2 years, simply gone. I know the amount may not be much for some, but for me... It was a lot as I don't have a good income.

I felt impotent, I felt sad. I felt rage. Then I realized.... This is *ucking crypto. I should have protected my assets in a hardware wallet.

I sincerely don't know what I might have made to compromise my phone but here I am. Standing strong in the journey. And asking you guys... Which hardware wallet under 100$ should I buy now?

I think ledger is playing russian roulette with their costumer's with their new feature, so I might go for trezor.

What's your thoughts?


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Planting the Seed
Planting the Seed

Rookie investor thriving to get out off debt and achieve positive financial results. I also want to help people while I share my learning journey.

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