Navigating Through Financial Challenges: How to Surf In the Early Stages of a Relationship

By Seedling | Planting the Seed | 15 Apr 2023

In the beginning of a couple's life together, financial conflicts may arise due to the challenges of managing finances. Living at home with parents often does not provide a correct perception of the financial responsibilities involved in real life, as you usually don't have any bills to pay or food to serve. The transition to living together and the need to manage finances with another person can be a significant challenge. In addition, expenses increase with the couple's new lifestyle. This article discusses the main financial issues that couples may face in the early stages of their relationship.

On the expense side, while living at home with parents, youngsters do not have the opportunity to fully understand the real daily expenses. Often, parents cover most of the expenses, so children do not have a perception of the costs involved. When they move out, there is often a certain "shock" when they realize the expenses of maintaining a house. Additionally, when they start living together, there are several extraordinary expenses that can strain the couple's finances. For example, there is a need to furnish the house. Therefore, in the early stages of a couple's life together, it is normal to still be adapting to this new pattern of costs. Couples should always try to save as much as possible on non-essential expenses so that necessary expenses are paid on time. Then, over time and with a better understanding of their financial situation, they can adjust their standard of living. And even start investing.

The need to save is also important in the beginning of a couple's life together. Couples face a high number of expenses. Therefore, in these circumstances, the need to save becomes more relevant. There are small ways to save on a daily basis that can make a difference at the end of the month. Couples must understand this as soon as possible and approach saving in a similar way. Some conflicts may arise in defining what is essential and what is not. For one member of the couple, a certain purchase may make sense, but for the other, it may not, and this can lead to a discussion. Our advice is to try to find a balance and also give space to your partner. It is normal for couples to still be adapting to each other, so flexibility is necessary. Conflicts can happen, but the important thing is how they are dealt with and solved.

Sometimes there are differences between the income of each member of the couple. This situation often causes some conflicts because the member with the higher income may consider that they have more right to make expenses, while the member with the lower income may think that the situation should be equitable. In this situation, it is again necessary to try to find a balance. It is always possible to find a compromise where both members of the couple are satisfied. Above all, each member of the couple must respect the other and not consider themselves "superior" or "inferior" based on their level of income. The couple's finances should be viewed as a whole, as a team, and the total monthly income of the couple is more important than the individual income of each member. 

In conclusion, life as a couple brings in a series of challenges in terms of personal finance. In the initial phase, in particular, some conflicts may arise because expenses usually increase. The need to furnish the house, for example, leads to a set of extra expenses that can be quite significant for the couple's finances. On the other hand, the income of the couple members should be viewed in terms of the total monthly income available to the couple, rather than as the individual income of each. The couple must act as a team and think about financial decisions from this perspective. It is not uncommon for couples to separate due to financial reasons. If you love each other, allways try to achieve balance between actives and passives so you can enjoy your romantic life.

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