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My Crypto Portfolio

By Seedling | Planting the Seed | 6 Feb 2023

It's been a year and a half since I joined the crypto universe. Well, better late than sorry. I saw bitcoin rising at the top along with other altcoins. I saw the crash of Celsius and Luna, and most recently FTX. I saw darkness.

These ups and downs were a great way to test my resilience, I guess I can handle the Crypto market!

Although I am thinking about learning more about it, I don't understand anything of technical analysis. So I am no trader.

I can understand the Blockchain technology, and I believe it will change the world, as we've already seen with El Salvador and Ukraine.

So, I'm here for the long run!


I usually spend the same fiat amount each month using the DCA strategy. As I've said, I'm no trader and my portfolio is split as shown below:

  • ADA - Cardano: 50% - my first coin. Bought at the top and never sold, I believe in its potential;
  • BTC - Bitcoin: 30% - since the bull market began, I realised I was investing in a highly risky way so I started buying bitcoin;
  • ETH - Ethereum: 5% - I plan to have at least 15% of it
  • SOL - Solana: 5% bought also at the top, the coin I think I should sell but I'm pegged to it like a stable coin
  • BNB - Binance Coin: 5% because decentralisation is key! Well wait....
  • SH!# and freebies - Shitcoins and freecoins: 5% bought with referral rewards, Coinbase and Revolut earnings, brave, presearch and publish0x.

I've never took profits or stoped losses, I'm just accumulating for my future.

Any financial advice (joke) about this? I've been looking into Matic and after I get some more ETH.


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Planting the Seed
Planting the Seed

Rookie investor thriving to get out off debt and achieve positive financial results. I also want to help people while I share my learning journey.

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