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Taxation Is Theft: A Rant That's Too Real

By Lucapelle | Pills of Sanity | 14 Feb 2023

Taxation is a word that makes many people break out in hives. It conjures images of dingy government offices, long lines and paperwork. Yet, taxation isn’t just a necessary evil – it’s theft. Let’s examine why taxation is the ultimate form of theft, and why it should be resisted at all costs.

At its core, taxation is the act of taking someone’s hard-earned money without their consent. It’s a forcible seizure of money, plain and simple. Every time you’re hit with an income tax or a property tax or a sales tax, you’re having your money taken from you without your permission. It’s like a mugging from the government – except it’s perfectly legal.

What makes taxation especially heinous is that it’s not a one-off crime. Taxation is a recurring theft, one that takes place over and over again. It’s like having the same mugger come back to your door every month and demand payment. And worse still, the government will often punish you if you don’t pay.

One of the biggest scam in life is paying taxes on money you make, taxed money you spend and taxed things you own that you already paid taxes on with already taxed money, It's absolutely nuts when you stop and think about It.

There's people arguing that taxation is also incredibly regressive. The poor pay a greater percentage of their incomes in taxes than the wealthy do. This means that the people struggling to make ends meet are being hit the hardest. It’s a cruel irony that those who can least afford it are being forced to pay the most.

But taxation doesn’t just hurt your wallet – it hurts your freedom. By taxing away your money, you’re losing your independence. You no longer have control over how you spend your hard-earned money. It’s being taken from you and used in ways you don’t agree with.

The truth is that taxation is theft, plain and simple. It’s the forcible seizure of your money without your consent. It’s a system that will throw you in jail  if you don't succumb to the rulers will. Not very democratic right? And it’s a system that takes away your freedom and independence. It’s time to say no to pointless taxation where the money collected is spent without knowledge or consent of the taxpayer on utter nonsense or even worse been pocketed and allocated to sectors of public administration where they eventually disappear in a bureaucratic black hole. 

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