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What is Diwal?

By Cristy18 | Photography practice | 18 Aug 2020

Capiz known as the Seafood Capital of the phillipines, and capiz is my province 😊

Now we will talk about Capiz Best seafood also known '' Angel wings''.

Ccto. Photo not mine


  Diwal - also known for its Sweet and Juicy qualities and its immaculately while elliptical shells, hence the name' 'Angel wings' ' Shell. Photo not mine

One of the "Capiz Best Seafood tourists drawers of the city. Diwal is partly responsible for its recognition as the country's "Seafood Capital". Capiz Best Seafood Diwal measure 3 to 5 inches, the shellfish are mostly found in Brgy. Barra, Libas, Cogon, and Punta Cogon growing at a water depth of 20 to 25 feet. Locals says Capiz Best Seafood Diwal is sweet and succulent meat a taste superior

Photo not mine

The Diwal is rare bivalve found abudantly along the Coastal water of Roxas city and capiz. Ten years ago it disappeared from the waters of the city and province because of illegal harvesting practice and pullution Now, 14 years later. After intension research seeding and strict fishing and harvesting legislation, the diwal is again ready for harvest as the efforts of the city have once again cause its abundance.

'' We have a Festival Harvest seafood every 2nd week of july ''

During festival tons of bivalve are harvested and sold in the open market and the seafood festival with drinks, music and lots of partying in thanks giving to the almighty for the great and bounty that is diwal. ❤️



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Photography practice
Photography practice

I take pictures when I go out of the house or when I go around

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