Fresh fish 🐟

By Cristy18 | Photography practice | 15 Aug 2020

I went out earlier to buy fish, and this why i bought Fresh fish with big eyes and red color, And i thought took a picture until was coocked.


First picture

  • We call them '' Baga Baga or Bukaw bukaw '' in tagalog.

This is a species that is commonly seen in the all fish market here in the phillipines, it is a Good food 🍲😋


2nd picture.

Charrraaan! Already coocked. Hahaha 🤣

I know how to coocked grilled fish, for me this is the easiest to cook with fish.

Here some Benefits of eating fish.

  • Have a Healthy Brain.

  • You could help your eye health.

  • Healthy heart.

  • Less to suffer stroke

  • Become happier

  • Reduce the risk of diabetes/and autoimmune desease.

  • Sleep Better.

  • Prevent Alzhiemers

*Keep eating fish Regularly 🐠❤️


I hope you learn something from what i wrote, Thanks for Reading 💚

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Photography practice
Photography practice

I take pictures when I go out of the house or when I go around

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