How I Make $100 of Crypto Per Month, With No Upfront Investment!

By PhillyCryptoGuy | PhillyCryptoGuy | 24 Apr 2021

At this point, we are all aware of staking and lending our crypto assets to gain passive income, but some people are not comfortable giving away control of their keys and others do not have the upfront capital to invest in crypto. What if I told you there was a way to make money in the crypto space without any upfront investment. No staking, no sketchy online faucets, and the best part, it takes little to no effort.

Coin Hunt World (~$20 per month)

Coin Hunt is like Pokémon go, but with crypto rewards. You actually get paid for just walking. The gameplay includes collecting keys on the virtual world map to open boxes spread around the world. Blue boxes give you $0.10 cents of ETH or BTC, green boxes give you $1, and yellow give you $10. Once you get 10,000 resin from boxes, you can connect your uphold wallet to withdraw your ETH and BTC. It took me around 5 hours of play time to gain enough resin to cash out.

If you use my invite link anytime before you create your headquarters, you will get $2 of ETH or BTC. Link

WeNano (~$8 per month)

WeNano is a similar app to Coin Hunt World. You walk around to check in spots and get rewarded Nano for checking in. These spots are generally around parks, churches, or landmarks. Each spot gives you 0.1 Nano, at the time of writing this article, that is $0.70. Once you check in, you will need to wait 7 days to check in at that spot again. I play WeNano at the same time I am playing Coin Hunt. There are 11 check in spots in the area I live which equates to a maximum payout of $28 per month I could earn. However, I do not check in to every spot per week. (~$7 per month)

LBRY is like YouTube for crypto. Every day that you watch a video, you will get a daily reward credit. The reward is randomized, but generally ranges anywhere from 0.2 LBC to .75 LBC. Your LBRY coins can be converted to USD on various DEX exchanges. I log on every morning on their mobile app, click on a video, watch 10 seconds, and collect my daily reward. You do not need to watch the entire video to get rewarded. 

Use my Invite link to get some LBC to begin. Link

Publish0x (~$4 per month)

Brave (~$4 per month)

Brave is a browser built on chromium. You are awarded BAT for viewing ads on the browser. You can use the browser on PC and Mobile. I transferred my bookmarks manually from my PC to my phone so I could have two Brave accounts to gain double rewards. 

Presearch Search Engine (~$7 per month)

Presearch is a search engine that can be set as your default inside of Brave browser. You can earn rewards for 30 search a day. This equals $0.25 per day. I max this out most days. The only downside of Presearch, is the withdraw limit is 1,000 PRE ($70), which will take you around half a year to earn.

AlienWorlds (~$50 per month)

This is virtual miner game that includes NFT's. After about 1 month of paying and upgrading my tools, I gain $2-$3 per day. If you need free tools and shovels, you can join the official discord channel. I have three shovels I can donate, comment below and we can get that sorted. 

KuCoin Check-in (~$3 per month)

Every day that you check in through the Kucoin app, you gain 50 candies. There are bonuses if you have a 7 day streak. 5,000 candies will give you $10 of USDT. This takes less than 5 seconds a day, and I am on the app most days anyways. 

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