Your Mind Is Unstoppable

Whether you're aware of it or not, you're ALWAYS getting perfect results, perfect mess, or perfect prosperity. ALL results stem from consciousness, which is a program your mind is operating with. In fact, the only thing that has anything, wants anything, becomes anything, does anything is consciousness. It determines directions you'll take, decisions you're going to make, experiences you're going to have, possessions you're going to get.

In most cases (99%), during childhood children absorb their parents' attitudes towards life in general. That includes the attitude towards income, religion, people, even animals. That's the way poverty (and fortunes) are being passed from generation to generation. Once your mind installs the attitude towards money, let's say "it's hard to earn money", guess what! You'll have hard times earning money, and later on, in life, you'll wonder why. What is the difference between you and someone who seemingly earns millions with ease? The difference is in the program.

Whatever you focus your mind on will find its equivalent expression in the physical form. If you allow yourself to believe that it's hard to earn money, as stated above, you'll have some hard time earning it. If you allow yourself to believe that you have the God-given right to win, you'll be a winner. Ayrton Senna, for example, probably the greatest Formula 1 driver of all time when asked "What do you believe in?", answered, "I believe in my God-given right to win!".

This may surprise or even shock you, but you have the God-given power to make up and create in your mind WHATEVER good you desire. As the Bible says, you shall be wearing garments of righteousness, garments of salvation. What does it mean? It means you shall not wear Earthly garments of despair, poverty, misfortunes, instead know that God is within you, and dress accordingly. Wearing a "white clean garment" means having the mindset that is as clear as water, having an absolute focus on goals, and knowing that you have the right to access greatness.

Think about it.., you CANNOT come to the destination you desire without "driving" towards it, can you? You can't sail to Italy if your "boat" (mind) is heading towards Japan! In fact, I think that's the reason why the media is continuously trying to break our focus. Our attention is worth billions! Everything is possible to those that protect their focus! Imagine a hungry lion, that has a focus on zebra. Is the lion going to catch it if his focus gets broken? Is he going to catch it if all of the sudden he allows himself to begin thinking about those greedy hyenas? "Oh, look at that tasty zebra, yummy!, wait for a second, I just remembered the laugh of that hyena, it is so annoying", and there goes his lunch!

Nah, he has a laser-like focus! That's is one of the attributes of the king!

If you are not getting what you want out of life it may be because you have not yet made it up in your heart and in your mind! It definitely means your mind is in one place, your soul in another, and your being (physical body) in the third. Disbalance is a ruthless conqueror! It has the ability to transform one warrior into nothingness!

Change is nature's delight. The change of thought in this very moment is capable of changing the rest of your life! Let that sink it! This very second is capable of making you rich! You're one idea away from prosperity! Changing your mind doesn't cost a thing! You can be penniless, and walk into a million if you do what is necessary. The necessity is not to dig ditches, it is to create a mindset. A fortune without mindset is like a man without a history or a tree without its roots! That's why thousands of jackpot winners ended up penniless! They got lucky, but they haven't possessed the right mindset to sustain the fortune.

I challenge you to make up your mind right now while reading this! Just decide, and ignore the analytical (negative-conscious) mind aside! Turn it off! If your mind knew any better, you wouldn't be struggling to get by! Your mind will force you to make wrong decisions, and then, it will proceed to beat the life outta you 'cause "you" made a mistake! Simply say "thank you" to your mind and ignore it!

Until reprogrammed, the mind is the enemy!

"Be you transformed by the renewing of your mind." Romans 12:2

"As a man thinks in his heart, so is he (being)" Proverbs 27:3

The word "heart" as used in the Bible ("My heart is fixed"), indicates the deeper mind, the subconscious level of mind where thoughts, moods, attitudes, and ideas settle down and determine your destiny.


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