Traits Of Self-Disciplined People

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Self-discipline might be described as mastery over one's negative habits. The first step towards becoming self-disciplined is becoming aware of destructive habits and "side effects".

Self-discipline is one of the key factors to personal development. In order to become self-disciplined, one must enforce positive habits and use them to overcome bad/destructive habits.

I would like to share some traits of self-disciplined people:

01) Self-disciplined people gained mastery over their tongues (they think before commenting or responding).

02) Self-disciplined people are controlling their thoughts and refusing to act violently (except in self-defense).

03) Self-disciplined people mastered emotions of love, anger, fear, and "greed".

04) Self-disciplined people understand and use the power of a positive mental attitude accordingly. They are hardly ever knocked down by life, and when they are, they use the "pain" to become more determined, more courageous, wiser, and stronger than before!

05) They disciplined their appetites! As programmers say "Garbage in, garbage out". Self-disciplined people are keeping their bodies fit, and well (healthy) fed!

06) Self-disciplined people are chasing their purposes, instead of riches and pleasure!

ALL results we achieve are indicators of our inner conditions. Instead of allowing the outer world to disturb their peace, joy, and productivity, self-disciplined people are using their inner strength (spiritual identity) for the creation of success in the outer (physical) world.


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Personal Development

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