The Song Of Three Jews Describes Our Present Situation Perfectly

I got fascinated by how accurately the Bible "predicted" future events. That made me search for allegory within texts in order to find us. Perhaps, the entire Bible may be seen as a code, which is why literalists lose faith in it. They're taking every story too literally to get the point. A few days ago, I randomly opened the Apocrypha, and saw the title "The Prayer Of Azariah And The Song Of The Three Jews".

At this point, I am fully aware of the power, importance, and potency of intuition. When the still small voice within told me to read it, I didn't hesitate.

To shorten the story a bit, it says that these are the Jews that are in the furnace, just as we are! Our times are tumultuous, there are some really horrendous things happening worldwide, especially in Australia and New Zealand, and they're spreading. Fear has taken over the hearts of many that live in the reasoning state of "carnality", which makes me think that this is not the battle between humanity and a virus, but the battle between fear and love.

Trust is included to love. To trust, you must know. Know what? The Truth (with the capital T, because Jesus said "I am the truth"). God told us that we can't serve two masters. We must choose.

"Choose you this day, whom ye will serve!" Joshua 24:15

Ultimately, it's clear that if we remain controlled by fear that we are going to perish, for fear is the guarantor of someone's dominion over ourselves and our lives, and by this point, it's as clear as day that the ruling elite has ill-minded wishes for humanity.

For the sake of our minds, we shall move to love and be protected. Spirits are immensely more important than minds, but their health so to speak depends upon our minds. Our minds are powerful enough to enslave us and to contaminate our spirits with perversions and imperfections of all kinds.

In one of the following articles, I will give examples of God's legitimacy when He said "No weapon formed against you shall be able to prosper.". Fortunately, I found Dr. Joseph Murphy's notes in which he confessed how he cures his skin cancer with faith in God (also, there are many other examples, as well).

Rest assured, God can't fail. There is not an ounce of imperfection within Him, so, let's get back to the story and find out what shall we do!

The prayer starts by saying "They walked around in midst of the flames, singing hymns to God and blessing the Lord. Then, Azariah stood still in the fire and prayed aloud: Blessed are you, o Lord, God of our ancestors and worthy of praise, and glorious is your name forever!"

The first opening match sounds like the ring bell. It says it all! "In the midst of flames" means a mental state of heat (fear - inflammation, a mental state of perturbing chaos, uncertainty, exactly what we are experiencing now if we look at the worldwide events).

So, what does the prayer say we should be doing? Singing hymns to God! They weren't looking at the flames, nor trying to put out the flames.

The prayer goes on to say: "For you (Lord) are just in all your ways. All your work is true and your way is right.". Think about it! They're in the flames, but they are praising God instead of talking and trying to fix troubles.

What we see in the world is the carnal-mindedness expressed in the outer realm. The prayer continues: "By a true judgment you have brought all this upon us because of our sins.". Keep in mind sins also include fear, division, lack of trust, even confusion, and double-mindedness.

How do you get into fear? By reasoning for your own existence, which is contrary to what Jesus told us to do: "Take no thought for your life" Luke 12:22

So, by the opposite of what the Jews from the prayer did!

The prayer says where we have gone off the course the Lord gave us: "We have sinned and broken your law by turning away from you. We have not obeyed your commandments, we have not kept them, or done what you have commanded us for our own good". This doesn't mean that God is an attention freak that will spit fire and fury if you focus on someone but Him, this means that once you take the thought for your life you actually said "God, I don't trust in you anymore".

That's why the Bible told us to "walk by faith, not by sight". (2 Corinthians 5:7)

The fire is designed to purify. Do you know how does the steel gets purified? By burning away toxins. When do swords get shaped? When they're hot! What is needed to turn flour and ingredients into the cake? "Fire"! That is simply profound and profoundly simple. Too simple for most people to spot. They're looking for grandiose schemes and ideas, solutions, and predictions, but the truth is always simple.

So, to praise God doesn't mean go around and act like a lunatic! It means living by faith, knowing that God has your back, and fearing not for your life. More or less, we are always fearing creations, but a few fear Creator. Don't be afraid of the humans and their evil-mindedness! Be afraid of the Lord and his righteous anger.

The Azariah prayer is quite long, so I will end here, 'cause the point has been shared, which was the actual goal. I hope this clarifies many things. Reverend Ike suggested we shall be looking for ourselves whenever we read the Bible. That's what I've been doing, and suggest you do the same. You'll be amazed by how greatly it describes the problems we are facing.

Have a great day and keep the faith! Stay strong!😊


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