Make Your Own Luck

I'd like you to realize something. You make your own luck! In fact, you are your own luck, but, most often with a big "UN" before "luck". We make our own conditions. You're the captain of your ship. That ship is your physical body, its engine is your mind, and the sea is the time you have left. Rudder makes the circumstances, therefore, your life is being shaped (designed) by your thoughts, words, beliefs, and decisions.

"Mind is the master power that molds and makes, environment is but his looking glass." James Allen

The Subconscious Mind At Work

Every (subconscious) mind works in secret 24/7. Most people are going through life unaware of it. It is the determining factor that had the final word in every experience you've had so far.

"Oh, really?!? What about all those diseases?!? Are you telling me I made myself ill?!?", yes, yes I do, and here is how: your subconscious mind got programmed through music, movies, commercials, posters, books, and online posts you've been reading. The "entertainment" industry is actually one hell of a poison.

How many times have you heard someone saying: "Oh God, how awful I AM feeling today!". It is important, 'cause your subconscious mind memorized it in the "I" form, so, "I AM feeling awful today". Other people's thoughts can greatly influence your destiny. That's why I always emphasize the importance of being picky at choosing your thoughts, and who you are being accompanied with!

If you don't install positive thoughts about yourself, you'll get negative results. If you have negative "peers", they'll be thinking negatively for and about you. That doesn't mean you shall be going around naming people "toxic and low frequency" like some kind of a new-age psychopath, rather, it means you shall become aware of the power everyone has in their mouth and minds.

Hint: do not be afraid to look at seemingly "negatives", because, without yang, yin would cease to exist, so, always know that there is a dark side of you too, but the important thing is to stop the sabotaging process.

There is only one power, so, positive and negative thoughts are equally capable. The majority of people are "realists" and "pessimists". In the long run, those are guaranteed to create misery for themselves.

Surround yourself with high-minded optimists, and become one so that you can motivate, and inspire others!

You can become whatever you add to the I AM!

"I AM, that, I AM!" from the Bible means you shall add whatever you want to be, to do, and to have to "I AM", and be patient. The seed needs time to grow into a plant that will abundantly gift you with fruits!

So, instead of "I AM feeling awful", say, "I AM so happy and grateful now that I am feeling joyful, and stronger than ever!". It doesn't cost you a thing, yet, makes a tremendous difference.

"Let the weak say, I AM STRONG!" Joel 3:10

If you call yourself strong, you'll be strong! To summarize, be careful what you wish, think, and say, 'cause sooner or after, you'll get it. We are creators of our own "luck". There is a great video that will teach you more about the power of words:

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