Glands Of The Immune System

We need to cover the main organs, and glands that are involved in your immune system, so, let's start with the Thymus, which is a kind of lymphatic tissue, located above the heart. Do not confuse it with the thyroid!

A) The thymus is serving as a "training camp" for T-cells (T stands for thymus). Those are immune cells!

The primary function of the thymus is central tolerance, which means it tolerates certain good cells. When you lose this tolerance, it begins producing antibodies for your own body. Such a condition is called "autoimmune disease".

Rheumatoid, Lupus, MS, Type 1 Diabetes are all autoimmune diseases, that indicate incorrect work of the thymus.

The thymus gland shrinks as we age, therefore, aging weakens the immune system. Another thing that can shrink the thymus gland is zinc deficiency.


B) Lymph node is a part of the lymphatic system. Lymph tissue is serving as a backup/drainage system for the circulatory system. Lymph nodes can be found in the next, armpits, groin, etc.

Cortisol caused and created by stress can shrink the lymphatic system!


C) Approximately 70% of the entire immune system is located in the colon, also known as the gut. That is where all the food gets absorbed, and where we have all friendly bacteria (the microbiome). A very interesting thing is that microbiomes are producing vitamins B1, B12, K, bioteine, and others...

Also, they are making lactic acid, which makes discomfort for pathogens (bad bacteria, viruses, etc.)

We may lose lactic acid by taking antibiotics, that kill ALL bacteria (including the good bacteria).


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