Freewrite: My Theory - Ending The Mind's Chatter

Have you ever asked your mind to stop talking? Have you ever caught yourself in the middle of the night, thinking about something unimportant that happened a decade ago? Did you ever say to your mind "shut up, I want to sleep?" which resulted in even more babbling?

I've been having fierce battles with my mind for many years! It was causing me problems during the educational years when I had to be waking up at 4:30 am to take the shower, drink a coffee and catch the train at 6:45. Very often, I'd spend the entire night, arguing with my mind, begging it to shut up just for a few hours so that I can take the rest, but it never listened. It felt like programmed to babble, and indeed, it was.

What is the source of such programs? How to turn them off or replace them with more productive programs? That was a mystery to me, and I was willing to do anything to find answers, 'cause the babbling sessions would often result in anger. Sometimes, the mind would trick me into thinking "it" is really telling the truth. For instance, I'd remember a person that done me harm and broke my heart. At first, I'd say to it (the mind) "it doesn't matter now, years have passed ever since, let it go, we need to sleep", but after a few minutes, I'd join the party and start adding the oil to the fire.

Minds are independent entities. They are made to serve us, but due to our weaknesses and forsaken wisdom of ages, we've been our own minds. Most people can't find answers to "Who are you?". They believe their identity is either flesh or the brain.

Well, my babbling mother was used by Life as an answer to my question "what is the source of mind chatting programs?". I told her many times "You're under the control of your mind. Just stop thinking!" 'cause when observed from the perspective of an outsider, it's more than obvious that the mind is playing with her. She'd tell me "I just can't stop thinking!", but there's something else she can't, and that stop talking.

I stopped talking for the second time in my life. It's been two weeks since I made that decision. Now, I am able to close my eyes, relax, and turn off my mind, without a problem. Only a month ago, It was almost impossible for me to enter the meditational state, but now, I can do it even while standing, if I want to.

It seems like the ability to speak was given to us for reasons other than communicating with each other. I mean, who knows what powers would we discover & come into possession of if everyone would decide to quit talking for a year (that would be really nice, wouldn't it?). Maybe we would end up developing telepathic abilities!?

There are two things we as a species know nothing about: oceans and our minds!

Sexual transmutation drastically enhances one's mental abilities. That's a well-known fact! Now, it's time to find out what silence does to our mental health which is why I'll keep reporting experiences. The inner voice says there's more about this than just fascination! Big & useful discoveries are to be made!

During the past two weeks, I've noticed the following differences:

  • narcissists became unable to transmit their (negative) mental energy

  • greater (mental, spiritual, and physical) peacefulness

  • improved thinking

  • increased creativity

  • more energy

"Speech is silvern, silence is golden!" Thomas Carlyle


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