Coincidences Do Not Exist (My Experience From This Morning)

I want to share something quite cool with you, that might restore your faith in the process of life. This morning, I woke up at around 4 am with a hundred negative thoughts on my mind. The pressure made me feel as my soul is being squashed, and there was no spiritual refuge in sight. There is no one to talk with about topics that aren't "Earthly bound". People are simply not interested in anything that's not tangible, so I'm keeping everything for myself. For days, there was a paradigm of a wasted/senseless life floating around my subconscious mind. "God, is everything purposeless?" I wondered and prayed for an answer. In general, 0nce you start filling your mind, heart, and soul with negative emotions and thoughts, it's just a matter of time until you begin sinking like a ship. One of the things that may help you/us are crystals, and knowing that nothing "just happens". Crystals are great at combating EMF and anions (negative ions), but the market is filled with imitations, which is why I'm too scared to place an order and eventually waste hard-earned money. A few days ago, I published an article about the dominance of fake crystals and orgonite devices:

Well, some say a walk is a great remedy for the mind and the soul. Indeed, I found it helpful, besides, I've been feeling pain in the left side of my chest for days, which is why I wanted to go to the forest and try out Wim Hof's breathing technique. So, the decision was made to take a walk, and visit all the good old places, where I used to hang out with my friends more than a decade ago, test Hof's technique and just "chill out", turn off the mind, and let go of everything, at least for 2 hours. It was a great opportunity to test out my new camera, also, unfortunately, files (pictures) are too big to be uploaded to Read.Cash. Here is one that was taken with the lowest (16 MP) quality option:


Legs were walking on their own. I was just observing nature (and hoping there are no hungry wolves and bears in that area). Many things have changed ever since I was in the forest last year. There's garbage everywhere. In short, nothing positive is to be seen. The creek that was filled with Carpathian salmon 12 years ago is now almost dry, and filled with chemicals:


However, I spotted something in the water that caught my eyes: white rocks!

"What's that?!?" I wondered and decided to check those "rocks" out. Guess what! Those are milky quartz crystals! Honestly, I thought those aren't crystals, rather, just beautiful rocks (even though they've very dirty, I still could have seen their beauty). Anyways, I wasn't thinking much about it, just took a few rocks and went away to visit the old hangar that was built by the German army in 1942:


On one of those walls, there's a message written "Coincidences do not exist, nothing just happens.". I thought "wow, no way, someone has a few brain cells in this area! That can't be real!". 20 minutes later, I was already at home, drinking hot tea, and trying to heat up my frozen hands. After cleaning "rocks" just a tiny bit, I decided to take two, and start rubbing them, one against the other. Sparks started flying around, and at that moment, I got reminded of one saying: what you seek is seeking you. Crystals were seeking me. That walk needed to be walked this morning... it was destined.

"Coincidences do not exist", right? Well, I'll go back to that spot to take a few more crystals, but the point is to think about how mysteriously God works. A few days ago, I discovered that the market is filled with imitations. All of that discouragement needed to happen and get stacked up, for me to go to the forest this morning and discover real crystals in a creek that I was ignoring for almost two decades. Fascinating! There are enough quartz rocks in that area alone, for one giant orgonite pyramid! I'll take a few pictures once they get cleaned. My beauties are soaking in salty hot water at the moment. "Rocky sauna" 😀

Have you ever experienced anything as coincidental? What happened this morning answered a lot of questions, not only regarding crystals but also our current global situation. Maybe, just maybe, we need to trust God instead of predicting chaos and apocalypse?

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