Cashflow Is Contagious And It Works!

If hard work was the secret to a prosperous and happy life, digging ditches would be the royal road to a billionaire lifestyle, and the third world countries wouldn't exist.

Compare coal miners and bankers. Who works harder, and who is earning more? Hard work is THE WORST way of earning money! The only thing you'll be gifted with by working hard is a miserable life and an early grave!

You were born to prosper, and every second offers an opportunity to transform your circumstances and detach from the misery, once and for all! I truly want you to succeed, that's why I'm giving you a "technique" that works. How do I know it works? 'cause it worked for me! I've been programmed by my family members to repel every opportunity to earn "easy" money. I call that the money complex.

Analyze your thoughts carefully, especially if you think the money is dirty and evil, 'cause surely you haven't planted those seeds by yourself. Someone repetitively suggested that idea, and your subconscious accepted it most likely during childhood or early puberty.

No, money is not dirty, nor evil. It is a tool, nothing more, and nothing less. Just as a chainsaw can be synonymous with the Friday 13th, but it can also be a very useful tool for the preparation of firewood for cold winter days.

Here is the thing: if you know exactly what you want, you can have it! That might seem weird, but most of the people I encountered so far have no idea what do they want. If you ask them "what do you want out of life?", most of them will respond with a shy quiet voice "I just want to be happy".

If you are a thoughtless talker or wisher who'd like to create a change from your present condition, you can have it, but first, you must know exactly what you want, and by all accounts, that's not an easy task to do.

You have the God power within you that's omnipotent, anxious, and willing to serve you, a power that is capable of giving you whatever you earnestly desire.

Some people are quite funny! "Oh, Lord, please, give me this and I won't ask for that!", but the Lord doesn't care. Imagine an ocean..., you can come with a spoon, or with a bucket! The water doesn't care! Set no boundaries to your goals and desires.

Attention: occasional wishing and halfhearted desire guarantees failure. You must be earnest, sincere, and involve your physical, mental, and spiritual bodies in this "ritual". Balance is the key. Take for example this picture: you're at the gym but your mind is at home sleeping, while the soul is in church praying. How would your training look like? However, if you're physically at the gym, and your mind is focused on exercise, while the soul is encouraging you and reminding you that you can do it, you'll set your personal record, guarantee!

The Plan

Write ALL of your goals down to a small piece of paper. Read it aloud, as often as possible. I suggest at least 3 times daily, especially right after you wake up, and right before you fall asleep. SEE YOURSELF BEING, DOING, AND HAVING ALL THE GOOD YOU DESIRE while reading that paper.

Another important thing: DO NOT TALK ABOUT YOUR GOALS WITH OTHER PEOPLE! It is impossible to make any satisfactory progress while surrounded by skeptics. Choose your friends (and thoughts) carefully!

The goals might change after a while because we were meant to expand and grow. If, however, you lose passion for a certain goal or desire, start over by asking yourself "what is it that I truly really want?" and write it down! In fact, removing from the list of goals items that you thought you want is a sure indication of progress.

Attention: do not get discouraged if you'll feel faithless. That's something you can't acquire at the very start. Some of your desires may seem unattainable from all practical reasoning, nevertheless, include them in the list of your goals! Most people get discouraged if they don't know every step of the journey in advance. Your part of the job is to know what you want and work. The God power within you will lead you from one point to another! Meanwhile, expect an abundance, let go, and let God (do His job).



"I want a new car" is not good enough. You must be definite about it! Here is what a definite goal to buy a new car sounds like: "I want a brand new white Nissan GT-R with black NISMO wheels and full Akrapovic exhaust system, and I am going to buy it before the first of January 2022!".

"I want lots of money!" is not good enough! Again, be definite about the sum you want! "I want 10 000 Bitcoin Cash coins to appear on my SLP wallet before the first of January 2022!"

If you cannot make a decision regarding details, you're not in earnest!


The Enemy

Rest assured, the ancient enemy will appear in the form of "It can't be possible", "there must be a logical explanation to what just happened!", "It is a sheer coincidence" the very first time you taste an accomplishment. That enemy is your own mind! Until reprogrammed to serve you, it will remain your worst enemy.


Gifting & Gratitude

Giving (gifting) is the guarantor of receiving! Have you ever heard that nobody got poor by gifting? I found it to be true! There is even an ancient technique called "tithe" in the Bible, which is being practiced by giving away 10% of your earnings. If you can't offer financial help, offer your time and talents. Whatever good you sow into the lives of others can be considered a tithe. However, the most important "gift" you may give every day for free is giving thanks for what you have, what you are, what you know, all of your opportunities, and what you'll become.

In the spiritual realm, gratitude is as powerful as an atomic bomb in the physical realm. Once you comprehend that you on your own can do absolutely nothing without God, you'll naturally become grateful, which will attract more gifts to you, 'cause whenever we give (or radiate) thanks (gratitude) for what we've been given, we attract more to be thankful for!

"Great is the reward to those who help and give without thought of self, as it is impossible to be unselfish without gain." Unknown


The Idea

Most people are hoping to get a profound idea that would revolutionize the world, but you don't really need to be a new Henry Ford, Edison, Tesla, Wright, Hughes nor Carnegie to attain wealth! Look at Colonel Sanders! He had nothing but a chicken and an idea! Some of you might out-fry him every day of the week! Why ain't you rich?


The Word Of Caution

Every action comes in a package with the reaction, so be careful what you're wishing for 'cause you're going to get it. While planning on what you want, make sure it is something that will give you and your folks the greatest goods this world has to offer! Accomplish the lesser things first! That will strengthen you and prepare you for bigger things that are waiting for you down the road.


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