Being Morally Right But Mentally Crooked

Many religious people when facing tribulations begin to wonder "Why me?", and the answer is simple: "Because you believe you deserve it!".

It is not enough to be morally right. One must also be mentally straight, and establish a positive self-image, 'cause your experiences will be equivalent to your beliefs.

"As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he!" Proverbs 23:7

"Why do religious people suffer", actually means "Why do seemingly good people suffer", but you're not any better than a disbeliever who has a positive self-image and has faith that good will come out of everything. Faith itself is unavoidable. We either have faith in God (good) or faith in fears.

You can be morally right, but if your "good morale" doesn't correlate with the good feelings and beliefs, you're going to suffer.

We can find an example in the Bible. The story about Job, who lost his wealth, and his family. He was a religious man, but guess what he said once all the hell broke loose: "The thing I greatly FEARED has come upon me.", you see, his faith in FEAR was greater than in himself and good (God). The feeling gets the blessing, so his words and beliefs didn't return to him void.

Controlling thoughts and keeping the right beliefs about yourself is crucial, 'cause we always get what we sincerely believe we deserve.

So, why do seemingly good people suffer? Because they don't believe they deserve God's goodness.

They might be asking for it, but in thy heart, they reject it. My mother, for example, is very religious. She is praying almost non-stop, but so far, God hasn't fulfilled her wish and recovered her cardiovascular health. At the same time, I ask, and I receive, almost instantly. It doesn't mean God loves me more. The difference is being made by understanding and the implication of what is written in the Bible.

Instead of digging deeper into the text, literalists take every word for granted, so they end up feeling miserable and confused, 'cause Bible is not a history book, but a psychological self-knowledge book.

You can't ask God for mercy and then proceed to curse yourself by repetitively adding negative affirmations to the "I AM". When I was penniless, I started saying "I Am a money magnet", needless to say, I am no longer penniless, but my mother instead of saying "I AM Healthy" is all the time repeating how bad she feels. 'cause she is morally right but mentally crooked. Unfortunately, many people never begin to comprehend the power of words and beliefs.

Solution: carefully investigate the program that has been installed into your subconscious mind, 'cause it might be the thing holding you back from access to your joy, and prosperity.

You're not going to get anything you don't believe you deserve. You must understand that we are not these meaty bodies. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Your true identity is divine, so there is no such thing as impossible for you.


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