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By PepeOrtiz | Pepe News | 30 Jan 2021

The main idea of ​​woonkly is that advertisers pay for their advertising campaigns directly to users, so the concept of intrusive advertising that is suffered today disappears to offer an experience in which both the advertiser and the user win.
On their home page they give us a small summary that tells us the following:
Woonkly is a decentralized social network for the viralization of digital content based on blockchain. Woonkly unites advertisers with their target audience through advertising campaigns through cryptocurrencies, distributing 80% of the total cost of the campaigns among their viewers or people who interact with them, allocating the remaining 15% to the cryptocurrency stake. among its holders (being able to stake from 100 Woops), and reserving the remainder for operation and marketing costs).
How does woonkly work?
Creating a campaign in Woonkly is very simple. Advertisers choose the way they want to campaign, be it text, image, or video, define the audience they want to target their content to through different filters, and create the campaign using cryptocurrencies from the ERC20 AND BEP20 networks.
The user sees these publications and by sharing them on their own network, they obtain direct benefits in the currency in which the advertiser has advertised.
In Woonkly you can generate income in various ways, both by participating in the social network, watching videos, sharing posts, interacting with the activities awarded by advertisers, subscribing to channels, etc., as well as by staking, or investing in liquidity pools.
The stake for those who do not know what it is, consists of leaving, it is basically connecting your wallet with woonkly and that your woops remain without moving in it, thus generating a passive income.



What does it take to be an advertiser?
Everyone can be an advertiser on Woonkly, creating a campaign will be very simple. The only thing you will need is the content you want to share (if it is audiovisual, it is recommended that the duration be 30 seconds), create an account on the platform, have the token with which you want to create the campaign, which in at first it will be with woop or bnb and configure it to your liking defining the audience you want it to be directed to. For the latter, options will be available to filter the content and who you want to address.
For private users, anyone can register on the platform, and start generating income. Being a recent project, it is expected that the evolution of woonkly will take place in a progressive but constant way, so the future of woonkly can be a very good opportunity, both to invest, as if you just want to earn extra money, or to promote yourself as an advertiser.
And that, in a very summarized way, is woonkly. I have omitted many details of why woonkly has so much potential, but I will address those questions in future videos, thanks and best regards!

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